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Jesus Appoints Twelve Apostles – Mark 3:13-19

Bible Verse of the Day – January 24 2020, Friday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

15  He appointed Twelve, whom he also named Apostles, that they might be with him and he might send them forth to preach
15  and to have authority to drive out demons:

Mark 3:13-19

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This Scripture passage reveals Jesus summoning His Apostles up the mountain so as to give them the commission to preach and to cast out demons in His name. One significant aspect of this Scripture passage is that Jesus summoned the Apostles “up the mountain.”

Everything Jesus did in life was filled with significance. This particular action displays great symbolic value. The commission of the Apostles to preach and to cast out demons only took place after they went up the mountain at Jesus’ invitation. Why did He do this only after calling His Apostles up a mountain?

A mountain is a symbol of our journey toward God. It’s an indication that we are to go up toward Him. And it reveals that we are only equipped to go forth and fulfill God’s will after we have first gone up to meet Him.

The “mountain” we are called to go up is first and foremost prayer. We are to daily go up to meet our Lord, seeking Him through a life of deep surrender. Jesus calls us to Himself where He waits for us so as to be alone with Him basking in His glorious presence.

Unless we go up that mountain with our Lord, we will be ill-equipped to fulfill His divine commission. We will be insufficiently prepared to bring His love and mercy to a world in need.

Reflect, today, upon the invitation Jesus offers you to follow Him up the mountain of prayer. Respond to that invitation so that you can then be sent forth by Him to fulfill His divine command of love.

Prayer: Lord, I do accept Your gentle invitation to go up the mountain of faith and prayer. I desire to seek You out and to be with You. As I meet You in prayer, give me the grace I need to then go forth and fulfill Your divine will. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

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Jesus Appoints Twelve Apostles – Mark 3:13-19 – Bible Verse of the Day

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