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Some Seed Fell on Rich Soil, and Produced Fruit, a Hundred or Sixty or Thirtyfold – Matthew 13:3-9

3 And he spoke to them at length in parables, saying: “A sower went out to sow.
4 And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, and birds came and ate it up.
5 Some fell on rocky ground, where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep,
6 and when the sun rose it was scorched, and it withered for lack of roots.
7 Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it.
8 But some seed fell on rich soil, and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold.
9 Whoever has ears ought to hear.”

Matthew 13:3-9

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This is the parable of the sower. This parable was given by Jesus to the disciples and the people at the sea shore. Lets try and analyse this parable into details.

The sower is Jesus Christ. The seeds are the Good News that Jesus proclaims to the people of His creation. The different types of grounds and soils are the different hearts of people who Jesus proclaims His Holy Word to.

Some of us have very hard hearts, like those made of stone, such that even when Jesus preaches to us, we do not listen or take much regard to that Word. The Holy Gospel enters through one ear and exits through the other. Thus, those hearts are like that path told by Jesus in the parable.

There are those of us who have hearts with very little faith, love and other virtues that are required to put into action and sustain the Words of the Gospel of Christ. These hearts are like that rocky ground with very little soil to sustain the growth of that that seed from germination to fruition.

Others have hearts that are very sinful and full of worldly pleasures that tend to repel, subdue, choke or push away any Good News that Jesus proclaims to us. These hearts are like the thorny bushes that choked the seeds.

Jesus wants all of us to have hearts that when they receive His Good News, they heed to the Holy Gospel teachings of knowing God, loving Him, serving Him, praising and glorifying Him all the days of our lives. When we practice this we are supposed to continue preaching to many others the same Gospel of Christ so that they can repent their sins, mend their evil ways and return to the bossom of our Heavenly Father. These hearts that do this, are now like the rich soil that makes the seed to grow and produce as much fruit as Jesus Christ requires of us.

Now my dear friends, let us turn our hearts to become like the rich soil where some seed fell and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold. Let our hearts implement the Good News that Jesus preaches to us and make sure we continue the work that Christ has commanded us to do of redeeming as many souls as possible back to Him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, help us to turn our hearts to become the rich soil that will sustain Your Good News and also spread it to the whole world. May we be able to redeem souls back to you in hundreds, sixty or thirtyfolds. Amen

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Seed Fell on Rich Soil and Produced Fruit - Bible Verse of the Day
Seed Fell on Rich Soil and Produced Fruit – Bible Verse of the Day

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