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Prayer for Children – Prayer for Children in School

Prayer for Children

A child is one Gods biggest blessings, that is why we have to remember to thank him for the privilege. We can do this by reciting a prayer for children, this prayer allows us to not only thank God for our children, but also pray for their protection, health and happiness among other things.

It is said children are the future, which is why it is important to ensure they grow up following the path that leads to God. We need to not only pray for them when they are young but also teach them the value of prayer, so that they may also develop a good relationship with the Heavenly Father themselves. some good prayers for our children are:

Prayer for Children – prayer for our children

O Lord the Father of mankind, who has given unto me these children, and committed them to my care to bring them up for You, and to prepare them for everlasting life. Help me with Your heavenly grace, that I may be able to complete this most Holy task and stewardship. Teach me both what to give and what to withhold. When to reprimand and when to abstain. Make me to be gentle, yet firm; considerate and watchful; and deliver me equally from the weakness of indulgence, and the excess of severity; and grant that, both by word and example, I may be careful to lead them in the ways of wisdom and true devotion, so that at last I may, with them, be admitted to the unimaginable joys of our true home in heaven, in the company of the blessed Angels and Saints. Amen.

Prayer for Children
Prayer for Children

Prayer for Children in School

“Dear Lord,

You are the Heavenly Father of our children, the Good Shepherd of our lambs. We ask that above all else our children would grow in their capability to give and receive love. Love is the law of the universe, for You ARE Love. And you simplified every good law ever established down to this:  Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Lord, as they grow in their capacity to love You, their King, and to love others as they love themselves (and may they grow to have a healthy love for themselves), you will grant our children greater cognitive abilities, greater knowledge, and understanding. We ask that our children wouldn’t go through the cycles of learning, taking tests, and forgetting what they’ve learned. But that you would build in them a hunger for knowledge, an unquenchable thirst to understand how the world works and glimpses of the gifts you have given them that they can offer to the world. Give them great joy in the journey of their education, and fill them with Your love, encouragement, and wisdo. Protect them from every harmful influence in the Mighty Name of Jesus!


Prayer for Children – Daily prayer for My Children

Heavenly Father,

“Father, You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I pray that You watch over my children and use me as an example to showcase the love of Christ to them. Father, I pray for their salvation, Father. I pray that You will pull closer them to You so that they can understand how deep Your love is for them.  Give me time every day with them. Father, Give me a time where I can read the Bible with them and pray with them. God, I want them to know You the way I know You. It ails my heart to know that some kids I see will reject you as they grow older, Lord.  Please let it not be so with mine!  I pray that they will continue to walk with You as they grow older.  I love You, Father!  Amen.”

Prayer for Children – Prayer for Protection of Children

“Almighty Father, we are so grateful that You are all-seeing and all-knowing. You have Your eye on each and every person on this planet, including our children and youth. Thank You for tirelessly watching over them every day. We thank You for keeping Your angels positioned around them day and night.

Thank You, Father, for protecting their lives in the face of seen and unseen dangers. God, we give You glory. You are in Your holy palace, yet You still rule from heaven. You watch everyone closely, inspecting every person on earth. We lift our hands and worship You, for You Yourself watch over our children and youth. You stand beside them as their protective shield.  All praises to You, our Father and our God!

Awesome Lord, when our children and youth are at home, You are there. When they are in school, You are there. Wherever they go, You are there. We trust in the power of Your Grace, so we commit ourselves to declare your blessings over our children and youth every day. In the Name of Jesus, we rebuke every foul plan of the enemy to harass, bully, injure, harm, or kidnap our children and youth.

The blood of Jesus covers them and guards their steps. We proclaim that our children and youth live in the shelter of the Most High, and they find rest under the cover of the Almighty. You alone are their shelter and their place of safety. You are their God, and they trust You. Lord, we expect You to save them from every trap (drugs, alcohol, crime, and abuse), and protect them from deadly diseases. You promised that You will cover them with Your Grace. You will shelter them with Your wings. These promises are their armor and their protection. in Jesus’ Name. Amen”

Prayer for Children and Grandchildren

“Saint Ann, you know my worries as a parent and/or grandparent. So many dangers threaten young people today. Will those children I love get a good education? Can they find fulfilling jobs? Will they follow the ways of your Son?

Because I am fearful about the future of my children and/or grandchildren, I entrust them to you, Saint Ann. Take good care of them. Keep them healthy and always on the rightous path, faithful to God’s commandments and love. If they have strayed from His teachings and Church, please help them to return.

Please do for them what you did so well for your daughter, Mary. Teach them how to find true happiness in loving the Lord and their neighbor.

My hope and prayer is based on the goodness of God. I trust in Him to protect my children and/or grandchildren whom I love more than myself. Please intercede for them and for all the children of the world.


Friendship Prayer for Children

“Loving Jesus, thank you for giving me friends. I’ll try to be a good example to my friends so that we can all love you and Your Blessed Mother better. Help me, dear Jesus, to be kind to my friends. Also, Help me to share. Help me not to be mean but to be kind. I want to help others to be happy by being happy myself. O guardian angel of mine, guide me so that I may always be fair with my friends. Speak to the guardian angels of my friends for me so that we all may be good and full of joy. Amen.”

Prayer for Children in Need

“Almighty God, Loving Parent, it is never easy to look into the face of a child desperately in need. But we do accept that it is much easier to respond and offer our help when we can actually see their plight. See first hand the desperation and witness ourselves the conditions and sources of misery.

Help us, Creator of All. To continue to open our hearts and hands to those children in our world whom we can see are motherless, fatherless, hungry, ill, abandoned, oppressed, abused, without hope, addicted, violent, homeless, imprisoned, victimized.

But we know Lord, that there are more children in need than we can actually see. More whose plights, for many reasons, are obstructed from our view. Also, more who are not only not seen and not heard but whose needs and lives are all but forgotten by the adults who hold all the power in their world.

We are sure though, Loving Father, that their need is not unseen by you, their cries are not unheard by you, nor their lives forgotten by you. So we would ask that you show them to us, and open our ears to their cries. Lord when you believe that we are ready, bring us into their lives so that we might join our lives to theirs and together build a better world for every child.”


Respect Prayer for Children

“Dear Lord, as we begin a new school year, I humbly beg you to go before our children. Equip them with the courage to face their challenges and fears. Provide them with honor and respect for authority figures. Protect them from bullies, cover their minds from depression and anxious thoughts. Instill in their hearts love and compassion for all, help them to always act with kindness, and grow in their desire to learn.

Lord, cover the schools and all who are congregating within those walls. Stand as a mighty wall that defends against violence and school shootings, natural disasters, and tragedy.

Father, equip teachers and administrators with loving hearts, patience, and good judgment. So that all children are seen as teachable, loveable, and valuable even when they behave the opposite manner. Refresh each teacher and administrator daily. Grant them peace that surpasses all understanding, and make their words kind and sweet like honey so they inspire, motivate, and nurture the young minds entrusted to their care.

Lord, also embolden parents to daily speak life over their children. To daily shield their children with prayer, and to daily encircle them with abundant love. Give these parents infinite patience, boundless energy, and financial blessings. So they can perfectly care for their precious children who are fearfully and wonderfully made in your divine image.

We ask all these blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.”

Thank You Prayer for Children

“Dear Heavenly Father, how I thank and praise You for the privilege and gift of children. With which You have blessed me kindly. Keep, I pray, my children on the correct path, and prevent them from getting sucked into the ways of the world and the ideas of this age.

Father, each one of my children is such a treasure. That You have awarded to me to raise and nurture into the ways of the Lord. God, I know that my children have been lent to me from You. Just as Samuel was given to his mother Hannah; for a time.

Father, I leave my child to You. Lord, I ask that in my weakness you will give me the godly strength wisdom and ability to direct and advise my children in the ways of the Lord. May they come to love Your word and appreciate Your word in their hearts, all the days of their lives. Lord also teach Your ways to their one children in the days that lie ahead.

God, keep my children from temptation. Help them to overcome the grasp of the evil one who will seek to trip them up.

Cover them with Your protection and in Your grace and mercy. Draw them closer to You day by day, until that reach Your eternal kingdom, in Jesus name I pray.


Prayer for Children to See Heaven

“My children, do you know that the world
And all that resides within
Is but a reflection of the
Kingdom of the Heavenly Father?

And as you are fed and cared for
By your mother as a child.
But you go to join your father in the fields
When you grow up.
So do the Angels of the Earthly Mother
Guide your steps
Toward him who is your Heavenly Father.
And all his holy Angels,
That you may know your true home
And become a true Son?daughter of God.

While we are young,
We will see the rays of the sun,
But not the power which made it;
While we are children,
We will hear the sounds of the flowing river,
But not the Love which created it;
While we are children,
We will see the stars,
But not the hand which scatters them
Through the sky,
As the farmer scatters the seed.

Only through Communion
With the Angels of the Almighty Father,
Will we learn to see the unseen,
To hear that which cannot be heard,
And to speak the unspoken word.

Prayer for Children – Prayer for Wisdom to Riase Children

“Heavenly Lord Jesus, I thank You for my precious children. Give me wisdom Father as I seek in Your Grace to raise them to know the truth of Your word.

Help me never to hold my children too close to myself or develop an attitude of parental selfishness; but help me to teach them to become men and women of God who develop an attitude of responsibility, wisdom and faithfulness to YOU. As they mature and grow older and take up their own positions in the world.

Father, I give my children into YOUR keeping Lord. I love them so deeply, yet I know that Your love for each of my children far surpasses the love that I could have. Keep them I pray under the shade of Your protective wings. May The Holy Spirit lead them and guide them into all truth and may they grow in grace and mature in the faith of Christ Jesus.

I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus,


Prayer for Children – Prayer to the Child of Light

“Blessed is the Child of Light
Who does seek his heavenly Father
For he shall have eternal life.
He who dwells in the secret place
Of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow
of the Almighty.
For he shall give his Angels charge over You
To keep You in all Your ways.

I Know that You the Lord have been
Our dwelling place
In all generations.
Even before the mountains were brought forth,
Or before he ever formed
The earth and the world.
Even from everlasting to everlasting,
has there been love
Between the Heavenly Father
And his children.

How shall this love be severed?
From the beginning
Until the ending of time
the holy flame of love does
Encircle the heads
Of the Heavenly Father
And the Children of Light:
How then shall this love be extinguished?

For not as a candle does it burn,
Nor yet as a fire raging in the forest.
Lo, it burns with the flame
Of Eternal Light,
And that flame cannot be extinguished. Amen.”

Prayer for Children – Prayer for Unsaved Child

“Dear Heavenly Father, I am deeply saddened that my child has chosen the wrong path of self and taken on board the philosophy of the world rather than the things of God.

Look down in pity on my child I pray and convince them of their need for Jesus as their Saviour and turn their hearts from the wrong path of destruction to the way of perfect peace in Christ.

Lord, I ask in Your mercy that whatever it takes, You will draw them back into Your arms of love, whatever it takes.

God, I know that it is not Your will that anyone is lost, but that all come to a saving faith in Christ Jesus. I put my child before You now and pray that YOUR WILL be done in my child’s life. That they come to faith i Jesus, in Whose name I pray.


Prayer for Children – Childrens Night Prayer

“Now as I lay down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should live for other days,
I pray the Lord to lead my way.
Father, unto you I pray, you have guarded me all day;
I am safe while in your sight.
Safely let me sleep tonight.
Bless my friends; bless the whole world;
Help me to learn helpfulness.
Keep me ever in your sight,
so to all, I say good night.”

Now I lay myself down to sleep;
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
May God protect me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.”

Prayer for Children – prayer for Childs Virtue

“Dear Lord, I pray that my children will come to be aware of the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead for the forgiveness of sins, their salvation and eternal life. I pray they may grow in grace and in the aknowledgement of Christ. That they may learn to live a life that is pleasing to You.

Give them integrity in their intteractions with others and a heart that seeks after truth and virtue and grow in them a wisdom, awareness and self-control in all they set their hearts to attain.

May Your word become a sweet joy to them and may they be endowed with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Grow in Love and compassion, mercy and patience; goodness, kindness and purity.

Lord, above all give them a servants heart to serve You and others in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. Open the doors of opportunity, so that they may serve You wherever You may choose to place them. Give them the drive and ability to work, a grateful heart that is satisfied with what they have and lead them into the way of truth all the days of their lives, in Jesus name I pray,


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