Thursday, June 4, 2020

Prayer for Love, for God and others.

Prayer for Love – Prayer for Someone you Love

Prayer for love are important in our every day life. Love According to Jesus Christ is one of, if not the most important new commandment. When one of his Students asked him; “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” (Matthew 22:36) Jesus replied without a moment’s hesitation,” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ which was closely followed by ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:37-40).

As we can see love is very important to God, not only the love for Him but also the love of our neighbors, this means our spouses, family, friends, and even enemies. Just as with all other important things it is important to pray on/for them. For love quotes click here. Here are a couple of prayers to help us better love:

Prayer for Love – A Prayer for a Strong Love for God

“O God, when you said to your disciples, “One of you shall betray Me, they each asked, “Lord, is it I?” I pray, O Lord, for a love so strong that I will never betray You.

Prayer for Love
Prayer for Love

Prayer for Love – Prayer for Brotherly Love

“Dear heavenly Father, thank You so much for Your deep love towards us and thank You for sending Your only begotten Son, our Savior Jesus Christ to suffer on the cross for our sake, so that our sins could be forgiven and that we may live with You for ever, in heaven. God I know that I do not warrant Your love and yet You have showered unconditional love and grace towards me through Christ, for which I praise and thank You.
But Lord You desire all Your children to love others as Jesus Christ loved us, but my love is poor and weak and is far removed for all that You desire from me. Fill me I pray with the love of Christ that I may love others in the same way that Christ loved me, so that as Your love pours into my soul, so I may be used as a channel for Christ’s love to stream out to others with whom I come into contact with.
Help me demonstrate Your love not only to those that are lovable, but also to those that who lash out at me through pain or anger, disappointment or loss. May the love of Jesus be manifested in me and may the love of Jesus be distributed, by grace through faith to all with whom I come in contact, in Jesus name I pray.

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Help Us Love

“O Lord, I thank You for the Shepherd’s Psalm, I shall read it often and benefit from its insights into life and living.
I thank you that I have a deeper appreciation for Your abiding Presence and wonderful love.
Help me to love as I ought and be what I ought to be instead of merely telling myself, “This I ought to do.” Help me DO IT. In Christs name I pray.

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Find Love with A Soul-Mate

“Heavenly Father, I have fallen in and out of love with so many people, yet in my heart I know that You have created us to love and be loved, with a deep and lasting love that is a mirror of the depth of love that Jesus Christ has for the Church. Lord, You have showed to us, through the Lord Jesus Christ, the immense depth of love that You desire in each of Your children. A love that flows from You to us and a love that should flow through us to others.
Develop in me the depth of love that loves as Jesus Christ loved, and Lord I pray that I may be permitted to share that love with a true and lasting soul-mate. Father I have fallen in and out of love before but I pray that I may develop a new and extraordinary depth of love that comes only through You, so that at the right time You would bring into my life that kindred-sprit and soul-mate, whose love for me is only exceeded by their love of You. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Who loved me, and gave His life for me, in Whose name I pray.

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Love Difficult Neighbors

“Dear God, I pray that I may love others with a Christ-like love and that I may show compassion on those who live in my neighborhood. Lord I know that I need Your love and Your patience in this area as I have some quite difficult neighbors who are causing some problems, Lord change my heart to a heart that loves as You loved. Change my attitude to look with compassion on my neighbors, rather than with irritation and distain. Help me to view them as You do; bound in their trespasses and sins, estranged from God and in need of a Savior.

Father help me to take each negative thought that I have about them captive the moment that it arises in my heart. I know that this is pleasing to You and I know that this is what You desire of all Your children. Create in me a heart of gentle love and kind compassion and show me how I may witness of Your love, both with my actions as well as my words. Keep me from a self-righteousness attitude towards them for I know that I too was once far from You and in Your grace and mercy You picked me up and saved me.
Lord I pray that each one may come to a saving faith in You and that You would change me to be the neighbor that You would have me be. I ask this in Jesus name.

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Love as Jesus Did

“Heavenly Father, more and more I come to understand what the Lord Jesus Christ meant when He said that He is one with the Lord and prayed that His disciples, may also be one. I see that love is a precious union of the heart and a sweet communion of spirit and just as the Father and Son emanate the same powerful love, so we too are to have that same beautiful love developing in us, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
God I pray that the body of Christ may become united as one, and abound in the unity of the spirit more and more, in love  not compromising truth but showing a genuine concern for each other. I pray that individually and collectively we may live godly lives in Jesus Christ and seek to encourage and edify one another, seeking to be of the same mind and having the same godly love for one another.
I pray that we may be united in spirit and in purpose, and that we do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but rather with humility of mind regard the needs of the other as more important than our own. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ Whom died for us all.

Prayer for Love – Prayer for LOVE and Marriage

“As required by every child heavenly Father, I bring my beloved to ask for Your blessing. They have been faithful, caring, and patient. I stand before You today, basking in Your glow as I ask that they be the one for me. I want a peaceful and joy-filled marriage that will be inseparable. Love shall be shared between us and there will be calm always. Lord, prosperity in the areas of procreation, financial stability, and spiritual awareness shall complement our love. I thank You for Your daily attention to my needs. Amen.”

Prayer for Love – Prayer from the Acts of Love #4

“O Lord, all that I am 
and all that I have is from You. 
You have given me the gifts of body and soul. 
You have numbered me among your favored children. 
You have showered me with countless graces and blessings. 
From all eternity You have thought of me and loved me. 
How shall I ever love You in return? 

Now in your merciful goodness 
You are coming into my soul 
to unite Yourself most intimately with me. 
You came into the world for love of man, 
but now You are coming from the altar for love for me. 
You are coming to fill my heart with Your holy love, 
my Creator, my Redeemer, 
my Sanctifier, my God. 

O Lord Jesus, I want to return this love. 
I want to love You with all the powers of my soul. 
I want to belong only to You, 
to consecrate myself to You alone.
Jesus, let me live for You; 
let me die for You. 
Living and dying may I be Yours. 

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Love God above all Things

“Lord, my Father, 
may I love You in all things and above all things. 
May I reach the joy which You have prepared for me in 
Nothing is good that is against Your Will, 
and all that is good comes from You. 
Place in my heart the desire to please You 
and fill my mind with thoughts of Your Love, 
so that I may grow in Your Wisdom and enjoy Your Peace. Amen.”

Prayer for Love – Prayer for Loving God


You have promised to protect me, deliver me, keep me from death, shield me from calamity, command angelic charge over me, grant me victory over my enemy, answer me and help me in times of need, and to give me a rich and long and satisfying life, show me Your salvation along the way.

These incredible promises are partially realized in areas of my life, but there is one gaping hole, one thorn in my flesh in which I have yet to discover victory. I lay all other questions and requests aside now as I seek just this one thing:

May I be granted the grace to love You more? Give me the understanding to know Your love and to return love to You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

I want to love You from my heart, for my emotions to be engaged in my worship and to want to love You.

I want my thoughts to reflect how much I love You, my Lord.

Also I want my day-to-day actions to show forth a love for You that is genuine and growing daily.

I believe I will receive the answer to this request. I am expecting Your help as I purposely engage in loving You from my heart. In Jesus’ Name.


prayer for love – Prayer to Love and Serve

“Lord Jesus Christ, may Your life of love and service be our guide to love and serve the under-privileged, the abandoned and the needy in our society.

Help us, Christ, to love beyond measure, without expectations and limitations, those who need our love.

Those in prison, rehabilitation centers, and the homeless shelters.

The old folks who are disowned and lonely and look forward to seeing someone visiting them and extending love and words of comfort.

May we gather our time and resources to visit them periodically and extend our love, support and blessings.

May we, in all our ability, not forget to visit the slums and street-dwellers. Help us to have a heart, to make time and gather as much help and resources as we can and offer them our offerings of love. Amen”

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Serve the Needy

“Lord Jesus Christ, we love You Lord with all our heart, mind and soul. We heed Your call to feed Your sheep and to look after Your people who are scattered in darkness, abandoned, lonely and shunned by the world.

Help us Lord, as we prepare ourselves in Your service, to endure all things.

May we give our time, effort, resources and our love in Your blessed name, Amen!”

Prayer for Love – Prayer for a Soulmate

“Dear Lord, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence.
I ask for your Love and Guidance and for your blessings.
As I explore the deep reaches of my heart, I ask for you help.
In releasing that which stands in the way of true love.
My heart is pure and my intentions clear. Please bring to me my most perfect partner.
I seek a partner who enhances me by their very being.
who brings more love, joy, peace and prosperity to my life.
Someone I can love fully and can fully receive my love.

A person who loves, honors and cherishes me completely and always.
May my heart be open and my head be clear.
my life be ready to welcome True love.
May I be embraced in a circle of your love
An uplifted by your grace. And so it is. Amen”

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Heal from Wounds of Love

“Dear Lord, please help me heal from grief, loss and the pain of love in my past
And let me be whole and happy again.

I have been needy and overly-anxious, desperate and too willing to settle.
Calm the need in me that makes unwise decisions.
Sooth the soreness in my soul that makes me crave love.

Restore my faith in love and divine timing.
Bring true love to me, in the right time, for the right reasons.
Please bring an end to the separation between me and my true love.
Let the healing process begin inside my heart. Amen.”

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Reawaken Love

“The season of love is here.
The heart reawakens
From the darkness of winter and
Our bodies are getting ready for love

I reclaim my birthright and take a stand for your own self-worth
and innate ability to love and live in the embrace of love. I have had trouble with love in the past, and have been disappointed.
My heart has been hurt. But I choose to heal this now, I choose love.
I make a new choice to reclaim the innocence of the heart and reconnect to soulful love.

Prayer for Love – Prayer to Revive love in The Church

“Dear Heavenly Father, we only have to look to the church at Ephesus to see how easy it is for Christians, both individually and corporately, to leave our first love and to allow the love that we had for You and for others to fade and to grow cold. Lord forgive us for the way that we have allowed this to happen throughout the whole Body of Jesus Christ, which has all too often become a place to criticize our brethren or slander others who do not think exactly as we do.

Revive us Father and may the love that so permeated the early church, where we discover that Christians loved in thought word and deed begin to spread once again throughout the Body of true believers. May we return to a time when love within the Church of God begins to shine forth  as we become salt and light to a needy world.

Forgive us Lord that our love for You and Jesus Christ has worn so thin and re-ignite a fire of love that sweeps through the Church today so that in the essentials of our faith we may have unity, in those inessential things we may display liberty and in all areas of our Christian life may we demonstrate true godly love, in Jesus name we pray.

Prayer for Love – A Prayer of Love from 1 Corinthians

“Dear Lord, Thank you for you are a loving, gracious God. For you have offered us forgiveness and the gift of new life in you. We thank you for your love is perfect, it never fails, and that nothing can separate us from your love.

We pray that our lives would be filled and overflowing with the power of your love, so we can make a difference in this world and bring honor to your name. Also we ask for your help in reminding us that the most important things are not what we do outwardly, it’s not based on any talent or gift, but the most significant thing we can do in this life is simply to love you and to choose to love others.

Father thank you for your love is patient. Help us show patience with those around us. Lord thank you that your love is kind. Help us to extend kindness to others.

Father we thank you that true love is not jealous. Help us cast aside feelings of jealousy or hatred towards others.

Lord thank you that your love does not brag and is not arrogant. Help us not to live with pride or arrogance, but to choose to walk with humility and grace.

God thank you that true love does not act unbecomingly. Help us to extend kindness instead of rudeness towards others. Also Help us to lay aside the critical tone and tearing others down with our words, so that we can truly walk in peace.

Father thank you for true love does not seek its own. Lord help us not to live selfishly, looking only to our own interests. We thank you Lord that true love is not provoked. Lord help us not to become easily angered. Help us not to be so quickly reactive, but instead slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Heavenly Father thank you that your love does not take into account a wrong suffered. Lord help us not to hold grudges, but to choose to forgive, even when it’s difficult.

Blessed Father thank you that your love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. God help us to love your words of truth, may we walk in your freedom and wisdom. Let it be what drives our lives and choices every single day.

Father thank you that your love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, thank you that your love never fails.

We love you Lord, and we need you today, and every day,In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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