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Blessed Ludovico Morbioli – Saint of the Day – November 9

Blessed Ludovico Morbioli Biography

Blessed Ludovico Morbioli Profile. Born: 1433 AD in Italy, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: 9 November 1485 in Bologna, Papal States, Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on November 9.

The Memorial of Blessed Ludovico Morbioli – Saint of the Day

Blessed Ludovico Morbioli Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth

1433 AD

Country of Birth

Italy in Europe

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Blesseds who were Not Married



Place of Work


Date of Death

9 November 1485

Place of Death

Bologna, Papal States, Italy

Feast Day

November 9


Beatified by Pope Gregory XVI on 24 October 1843


Canonized by N/A

Patron Saint of

Blessed Ludovico Morbioli Biography

Ludovico Morbioli was one of six children born to the lower-middle-class family of Francesco Antonio and Agnes Morbioli. Ludovico spent his early adulthood in an earthly life that included gambling, violence and a lot of heavy drinking. He was married to Lucia Tura. While in Venice, Italy in 1462, Ludovico was struck with a serious but unspecified illness and was cared for at the hospice run by the Canons Regular of Saint Savior.

This brush with death led to a re-examination of his life. He was converted and was determined to do penance for his earlier life. From then on he wandered the streets, preaching penance, and living in complete poverty. He carried a staff with a crucifix and always a plain grey shirt or a white shirt with a cross on the chest which led many to associate him with the Carmelites, though he was never a member of any religious order.

He returned to Bologna, Italy in 1470 and continued his life as a street evangelist there. He walked through Modena and Ferrara, Italy, preaching. People would gather around him to mock him as he looked like a wild man with wild hair and unkempt beard but then his preaching would keep them listening. He finally returned to Bologna to spend his remaining in the basement of Palazzo Lupari which he fitted out like a monk‘s cell; it was later converted to an oratory. Blessed John Baptist Spagnuolo wrote a poem about his life.

Bl. Ludovico Morbioli
Bl. Ludovico Morbioli