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Blessed Thomas Pormort – Saint of the Day – February 21

Blessed Thomas Pormort Biography

Blessed Thomas Pormort Profile. Born: 1560 AD in the United Kingdom, Europe. Worked in England. Died: 20 February 1592 in Saint Paul’s Churchyard, London, England. Feast Day is celebrated on February 21.

The Memorial of Blessed Thomas Pormort – Saint of the Day

Blessed Thomas Pormort Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 1560 AD
Country of Birth The United Kingdom in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Blesseds who were Priests
Profession Missionary
Place of Work England
Date of Death 20 February 1592
Place of Death Saint Paul’s Churchyard, London, England
Feast Day February 21
Beatification Beatified by Pope John Paul on 10 November 1986
Canonization Canonized by N/A
Patron Saint of N/A


Blessed Thomas Pormort was educated at Cambridge University and later joined a Seminary in Rheims, France in 1581 and later in Rome, Italy, in 1582. In 1587, he was ordained a priest and worked with Bishop Owen Lewis in the diocese of Cassano in Italy. He was made the prefect of studies at the Swiss college in Milan, Italy on 25 April 1590.

He then returned to England having the travel name Whitgift and got arrested on 25 July 1591 in Lond for the crime of priesthood but escaped. He was arrested again after few months imprisoned, tortured and convicted on 8 February 1592 for treason of being a priest. He is termed as a martyr.

Bl. Thomas Pormort
Bl. Thomas Pormort