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Saint Alexander Akimetes – Saint of the Day – February 23, January 15

Saint Alexander Akimetes Biography

Saint Alexander Akimetes Profile. Born: the 4th Century in Greece, Europe. Worked in Syria, Greece, Antioch. Died: 403 AD in N/A. Feast Day is celebrated on February 23, January 15.

Saint of the Day

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Date of Birth 4th Century
Country of Birth Greece in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Monks
Profession Missionary
Place of Work Syria, Greece, Antioch
Date of Death 403 AD
Place of Death N/A
Feast Day February 23, January 15
Beatification Beatified by N/A
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of N/A


Saint Alexander Akimetes was born to nobility and studied in Constantinople. He then became a soldier in the Imperial army for 4 years. He then converted to Christianity at his adult stage having read and taught himself the faith. By taking the example of Jesus and the young rich man, sold all his possessions to live as a hermit in Syria for years.

One day, he came back to the city and burned a pagan temple. This led to imprisonment where he spent his time in the jail bring prisoners to faith. He was released and turned to the life of a hermit again for several years before having a call for missionary work.

Alexander worked as a missionary in Antioch without success. He then founded monasteries in Mesopotamia, Gomon, and Constantinople where they grew into 400 monks.

St. Alexander Akimetes
St. Alexander Akimetes