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Saint Andrew Bobola – Saint of the Day – May 16, February 21, May 23

St. Andrew Bobola Biography

St. Andrew Bobola Profile. Born: 30 November 1591 in Poland, Europe. Worked in Poland. Died: 16 May 1657 in Poland. Feast Day is celebrated on May 16, February 21, May 23.


The Memorial of St. Andrew Bobola – Saint of the Day

St. Andrew Bobola Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 30 November 1591
Country of Birth Poland in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Priests
Profession Priest
Place of Work Poland
Date of Death 16 May 1657
Place of Death Poland
Feast Day May 16, February 21, May 23
Beatification Beatified by Pope Blessed Pius IX on 30 October 1853
Canonization Canonized by Pope Pius XI on 17 April 1938
Patron Saint of  


Saint’s Biography

St. Andrew Bobola was born on November 30, 1591, into a noble family in Lesser, Poland. In 1606 he went to study at the Jesuit school at Sandomierz, Poland. On July 31, 1611, he joined the Jesuit Order in Vilna, Lithuania.

Between 1613 and 1616 Andrew studied philosophy at the famous academy in Vilna. He then taught for a year in Braniewo and two years in Polozk. Andrew then returned to Vilna in 1619 to study theology.

He was ordained on March 12, 1622. His first ministry was in the church at Nieswiez, which was affiliated with the Jesuit school there. While there, he received many converts and held missions in the vicinity. In 1624 he returned to Vilna where he became parish priest of the church of St. Kasimir.

From 1652, Andreas managed for five years a house in Janów near Pinsk which was given to him by Prince Radziwell, where Jesuits could flee. In May 1657, the Pinsk were attacked and Jews and Catholics were massacred in Janów. The Jesuits were forced to flee to the woods. Andreas was captured in Janów and was tortured to death.

Saint Andrew Bobola
Saint Andrew Bobola