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St Augustine Tchao – Feast Day: March 21, July 9, September 28 – Saint of the Day

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Augustine Tchao Profile. Born: 1746 AD in China, Asia. Worked in China. Died: 27 January 1815 AD in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Feast Day is celebrated on March 21, July 9, September 28.
The Memorial of Augustine Tchao – Saint of the Day

Augustine Tchao

Date of Birth 1746 AD
Country of Birth China of Asia
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Priests
Profession Priest
Place of Work China
Date of Death 27 January 1815 AD
Place of Death Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Feast Day March 21, July 9, September 28
Beatification Beatified by Pope Leo XIII on 27 May 1900
Canonization Canonized by Pope John Paul II on 1 October 2000
Patron Saint of

St Augustine Tchao Biography

He was also known as:

  • Augustin Rong Zhao
  • Augustinus Zhao
  • Augustine Zhao Rong

St Augustine Tchao was born in 1746 AD at Wuchuan, Guizhou, China. he was a Soldier. He used to Escort Saint Gabriel John Tauin du-Fresse to Beijing, China during his missionary work. Augustine later then Converts to Christianity. He became a Priest. He worked in the Sichuan apostolic vicariate and was arrested for his faith and his work. St Augustine then died in prison. He was one of the Martyrs of China.

St Augustine Tchao