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St Baldred of Strathclyde Biography – Feast Day – March 6 -Saint of the Day

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Baldred of Strathclyde, Bishop was born on 4th Century in Spain, Europe. Worked in Auvergne, France. Died: 307 AD in Auvergne, France. Feast Day is celebrated on March 6.

The Memorial of Saint Baldred of Strathclyde – Saint of the Day Biography 

St Baldred of Strathclyde, Bishop Profile

Date of Birth 4th Century
Country of Birth Spain of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Bishops who became Saints
Profession Bishop
Place of Work Auvergne, France
Date of Death 307 AD
Place of Death Auvergne, France
Feast Day March 6
Beatification Beatified by Pre-Congregation
Canonization Canonized by Pope Gregory XVI on 26 April 1834
Patron Saint of

St Baldred of Strathclyde Biography

St Patrick of Málaga was the Bishop of Malaga, Spain. At some point he was forced to flee to Auvergne, France to get away from persecution. Not much is known about St Patrick.

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