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St Dentlin of Soignies – Feast Day: March 16 – Saint of the Day

St Dentlin of Soignies Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

St Dentlin of Soignies Profile. Born: 7th Century in Germany, Europe. Worked in Germany. Died: 7th century in Germany. Feast Day is celebrated on March 16.

The Memorial of Dentlin of Soignies – Saint of the Day

Dentlin of Soignies, Profile

Date of Birth 7th Century
Country of Birth Germany of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Priests
Profession Confessor
Place of Work Germany
Date of Death 7th century
Place of Death Germany
Feast Day March 16
Beatification Beatified by N/A
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Rees, Germany

St Dentlin of Soignies Biography

He was also known as:

  • Denain
  • Dentelin

St Dentlin of Soignies was born in the 7th century in Germany. He was the Son of Saint Vincent Madelgarus and Saint Waldetrudis. He was also the brother of Saint Landric, Saint Madalbarta and Saint Aldetrudis. Dentlin was the nephew of Saint Aldegund. He was an extraordinarily pious child and he is considered a confessor of the faith.

A church in Cleves, Germany, is now named for him.

St Dentlin of Soignies

Dentlin’s Death

He died at the age of 7 in the 7th century. He died of natural causes and was buried in Soignies, Belgium. His relics were then transferred to the abbey church in Rees, Germany. They reached there in the 1040s and miracles reported at his tomb.