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Saint Frederick of Utrecht – Saint of the Day – July 18

St. Frederick of Utrecht Biography

Saint Frederick of Utrecht Profile. Born: 8th century in Netherlands, Europe. Worked in Utrecht. Died: July 18 838 in Netherlands. Feast Day is celebrated on July 18.
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St. Frederick of Utrecht Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth 8th century
Country of Birth Netherlands in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders St.s who were Bishops
Profession Bishop
Place of Work Utrecht
Date of Death July 18 838
Place of Death Netherlands
Feast Day July 18
Beatification N/A
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of N/A


Saint Frederick of Utrecht, the grandson of King Radbon of the Frisians. Taught by the priests at Utrecht, Netherlands. Priest, known for his learning and individual devotion. Catechist and educator to changes over. Bishop of Utrecht in 825. Frederick attempted to change his ministry, regularize Church practice in his bishopric, and contradicted forbidden relational unions, particularly among the respectability. He dispatched a gathering of teachers under the administration to Saint Odulphus to proselytize the agnostics toward the north of Utrecht, and worked with them around Walcheren. He created a petition to the Blessed Trinity that was utilized for a very long time in the Netherlands. An incredible memory and sacredness were safeguarded in a lyric by his contemporary Saint Rabanus Maurus.

Frederick ended up associated with the imperial governmental issues of his day, and was particularly engaged with the residential issues of Emperor Louis the Debonair, Empress Judith, and their children. Frederick transparently chastised Judith for her unethical and two-faced way of life, which has driven numerous authors to infer that Judith procured the men who killed Frederick. Be that as it may, all things considered, they were agnostics from Walcheren, a significant number of whom were savagely restricted to the Christian teachers, and who martyred him for his work.

Saint Frederick of Utrecht
St. Frederick of Utrecht