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Saint Manuel Gonzalez Garcia – Saint of the Day – January 4

St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia Biography

St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia Profile. Born: 25 February 1877 in Spain, Europe. Worked in Spain. Died: 4 January 1940 in Palencia, Francoist Spain. Feast Day is celebrated on January 4.


The Feast of St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia – Saint of the Day

St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 25 February 1877
Country of Birth Spain of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Bishops
Profession Priest, Bishop
Place of Work Spain
Date of Death 4 January 1940
Place of Death Palencia, Francoist Spain
Feast Day January 4
Beatification Beatified by Pope John Paul II on 29 April 2001 at Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City by Pope John Paul II
Canonization Canonized by Pope Francis on 16 October 2016  at Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City 
Patron Saint of
  1. Eucharistic Missionaries of Nazareth
  2. Disciples of Saint John
  3. Children of Reparation
  4. Diocese of Palencia


Saint’s Biography

Saint Manuel González García was born on February 25, 1877, in Seville, Spain. He was the fourth of five siblings in a modest but religious family. His father Martín González Lara was a carpenter and worked in a Salesian College, while his mother Antonio García, a trained tailor, took care of the house and family. Manuel grew up in a peaceful atmosphere but had many illusions that could not always be realized. One of his goals, however, he achieved, being a member of the famous sights of the Cathedral of Seville, a group of children from the choir who sang and danced at the feasts of the body of Christ and Virgin Mary’s spotless conception.  in 539 of natural causes.

Manuel entered the seminar in Seville as a twelve-year-old in September 1889. Manuel knew of the family’s financial situation, so he paid for the education of working as a servant in the seminar. He distinguished himself with an outstanding character in all his studies and was set high by his teachers. Manuel also traveled to Rome on the occasion of one of Pope Leo XIII’s anniversaries. 


On September 21, 1901, he became a priest in the bishopric’s chapel of Seville. Manuel celebrated his first Mass on September 29, 1901, in the Church of the Holy Trinity. It was during his first Mass he left himself to intercession from Mary, the help of Christians.

Missionary Work

In 1902, Archbishop Spínola sent him to preach a mission, and when he arrived, Manuel found the church dirty and abandoned. Manuel knelt and prayed in bold faith in the real presidency. Manuel served as chaplain of a nursing home of the Sisters of the Poor and priest at the parish of San Pedro del Huelva in Seville. His other work including providing food and education to poor children. Manuel founded the Disciples of Saint John on March 4, 1910.

On 6 December 1915, chosen as the bishop of Málaga, Spain, and bishop of Olympus. He also the founder of the Eucharistic Missionaries of Nazareth and the Children of Reparation.

St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia Death

He died on January 4, 1940, in Madrid, Spain of natural causes and buried next to the tabernacle in the Capilla del Santísim, Cathedral of Palencia, Spain.

Saint Manuel González García
St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia