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Saint Mary of Egypt – Saint of the Day – April 1

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Mary of Egypt, dancer, singer Born: 344AD in Egypt, Africa. Worked in Jerusalem. Died: c.421 in Trans-Jordan desert, Palestine. Feast Day is celebrated on April 1.


The Feast of Saint Mary of Egypt – Saint of the Day Biography

Saint Mary, dancer, singer Profile

Date of Birth 344 AD
Country of Birth Egypt of Africa
Matrimony/Holy Orders Not Married who became Saints
Profession dancer, singer, Hermitess 
Place of Work Jerusalem
Date of Death 421 AD
Place of Death Trans Jordan desert, Palestine
Feast Day April 1
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of 1 Penitent women
2 Against sexual temptation
3 Reformed prostitutes
St. Mary of Egypt

Saint Mary of Egypt Biography

Saint Mary was born in Egypt in 344 AD. This woman was very beautiful and a great sinner. At age 12, she ran away from home to the city of Alexandria. St. Mary of Egypt became a singer and prostitute for seventeen years.

St. Mary’s life choices led her to lose her family and miserable. Jerusalem was her only hope. She traveled when there was a pilgrimage. Upon seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary, she was in tears and vowed to change her life.

Mary a reformed prostitute traveled back to Egypt and spent the rest of her life a hermitess in the desert.


Maria Aegyptica died in 421 AD and her Feast celebrated on April 1.