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Saint Abbo of Fleury Feast Day – 13 November – Saint of the Day

The Memorial of Saint Abbo of Fleury

Saint Abbo of Fleury is the Patron Saint of France

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Saint Abbo of Fleury brief life History

Date of Birth 945 AD
Country of Birth France in Europe
Profession Monk and abbot of Fleury Abbey in present-day Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire near Orléans, France
Place of Work Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire near Orléans, France
Date of Death 13 November 1004
Place of Death The monastery of La Reole in Gascony
Feast Day 13 November
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of France

Saint Abbo of Fleury Feast Day Short life History

Abbo or Abbon of Fleury was a Benedictine monk, taking the habit and coming of age at Saint Benoît-sur-Loire monastery, Fleury-sur-Loire, France.

He studied at Paris, Rheims and Orleans in France. One of the great scholars of his age; we still have writings by him on astronomy, grammar, philosophy, mathematics, canon law, theology, biography, and other matters.

He administered the abbey school and taught at Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England from 985 to 987 at the request of Saint Oswald of Worcester, archbishop of York.

He was an Abbot at Fleury-sur-Loire, France in 988 where he instituted Cluniac observance; his election came into dispute, which was settled by the bishop who would later be Pope Sylvester II. He brought the abbey school to great renown.

He fought for the rights of monks at the Synod of Saint Denis in 995. He also became an ambassador to the Vatican where he became a close friend of Pope Gregory V.

He was a peacemaker and negotiator between Pope Gregory V and King Robert the Pious of France. He Worked to calm fears and reassure people who feared the end of the world or other problems with the millennial change to the year 1000. Murdered during a riot by monks he whose discipline he was trying to reform.

Today’s Saint Abbo of Fleury Feast Day Quote:

He was influential in calming the excitement and fear about the end of the world which was widespread in Europe in 1000.

Saint Abbo of Fleury Feast Day
Saint Abbo of Fleury Feast Day