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St Alexander of Alexandria Biography – February 26 – Saint of the Day

St Alexander of Alexandria Biography

St Alexander of Alexandria was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and in 313, the gentle mannered man was made Patriarch of Alexandria because of his kindness, fervent religiousness and great love of God.

When heresy arose in the form of Arius, a wicked priest who was jealous of Alexander’s selfless and charitable ways as well as his title. St Alexander then became known for his zealous defense of the Catholic faith.

Arius started a heretical faith called Arianism, which denied the divinity of Christ. At first, Alexander was kind to Arius and tried to convince him to return to the church. But when the heretic refused and instead began to gather a larger following, St Alexander began to take steps to have him excommunicated.

Then in 325, St Alexander was part of an assembly of the ecumenical council. This was held in Nicaea. The council officially excommunicated Arius. Also condemned his heresy and sent him and a few of his followers into exile.

Victorious in his battle for the faith, Alexander returned home to Alexandria. This is where he died in 328 after naming St. Athanasius his successor.

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Saint Alexander of Alexandria brief life History

Date of Birth 3rd Century
Country of Birth Egypt in Africa
Profession Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt
Place of Work Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Death February 326
Place of Death Alexandria, Egypt
Feast Day 26 February
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

Saint Alexander of Alexandria Short life History

Saint Alexander of Alexandria was also known as Alessandro di Alessandria

Comparatively little is known of Alexander’s early years. During his time as a priest he experienced the bloody persecutions of Christians by Emperors Galerius and Maximinus Daia.

Alexander became patriarch on the passing of Achillas of Alexandria, whose own remarkably short reign was thought by some to have been brought about by his breaking the command of his own predecessor. Peter of Alexandria, to never readmit Arius into communion.

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He was Key figure in the Council of Nicaea in 325. He was Patriarch of Alexandria and Doctor of the Church…AZQUOTES

Saint Alexander of Alexandria
Alexander of Alexandria

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St Alexander of Alexandria