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St Dallan Forgaill Feast Day – 29 January – Saint of the Day

The Memorial of St Dallan Forgaill

St Dallan Forgaill is the Patron Saint of Ireland

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Saint Dallan Forghaill brief life History

Date of Birth 530 AD
Country of Birth Ireland in Europe
Profession Early Christian Irish poet
Place of Work Ireland
Date of Death 598 AD
Place of Death Inniskeel, County Donegal, Ireland
Feast Day 29 January
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Ireland

St Dallan Forgaill Feast Day Short life History

Saint Dallan Forghaill was also known as

• Cluain Dallain
• Dallan Forchella
• Dallan Forghaill
• Dallan of Cluain Dallain
• Eochaidh

He was the son of Colla Mac Erc and Forchella; related to Irish royalty, and to Saint Aidan of Ferns. As student, he went blind as a young man; some said it was due to too much reading.

He was Chief bard and poet of Ireland in 575; he reformed the Bardic Order, thus helping preserve the Gaelic language and literature. His most famous work is Ambra Choluim Kille (Eulogy of Saint Columba) after Columba had defended the institution of the bards; legend says that upon its recitation, his eyesight was restored. He is generally considered a martyr, having died in an attack on a monastery.

Today’s St Dallan Forgaill Feast Day Quote:

He was beheaded by pirates in 598 at the monastery at Inis-coel (Inniskeel), Ireland. His head was thrown into the sea, washed back up on shore, and re-attached to his body so he could continue to recite poetry during the attack

St Dallan Forgaill