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Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day – 30 October – Saint of the Day

The Memorial of Saint Alonso Rodriguez

Saint Alonso Rodriguez is the Patron Saint of

• Majorca, Spain, city of
• Majorca, Spain, island of

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Saint Alonso Rodriguez brief life History

Date of Birth 25 July 1532
Country of Birth Spain in Europe
Profession Spanish Jesuit lay brother
Place of Work Spain
Date of Death 31 October 1617
Place of Death Palma, Mallorca, Spain of natural causes
Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day 30 October
Beatification By Pope Leo XII on 1825
Canonization By Pope Leo XIII on September 1888
Patron Saint of • Majorca, Spain, city of
• Majorca, Spain, island of

Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day Short life History

Saint Alonso Rodriguez is also known as Alphonsus Rodriguez. He is the third of eleven children in the family of the wealthy wool merchant Diego Rodriguez. Met Blessed Peter Faber when he was 10; the Father Faber prepared the boy for his First Communion.

At age 14, Alonso was sent to study with Jesuits, Alonso’s father died within a year, and he returned home to learn and manage the business.

Married to Mary Suarez at age 26. His business suffered, and two the couple’s children died in infancy; one son survived. Widower in his early 30’s, Alonso’s mother died soon after. He sold the business and moved in with his sisters; they helped Alonso raise his son, and taught their brother prayerful meditation.

When his son died, Alonso decided to follow his call to the religious life. He gave away what little he had left, and tried to join the Jesuits; he did not have the education they required, and was refused.

Attended the College of Barcelona, but could not complete the work. Self-imposed austerities nearly destroyed his health; at age 60 he was ordered to begin sleeping in a bed instead of the chair, bench or ground he had previously used. However, at the recommendation of Jesuit Father Luis Santander, Alonso became a Jesuit lay-brother, admitted on 31 January 1571 at Valencia, Spain, and began to study alongside children.

Porter and doorkeeper at the Jesuit college of Montesión at Palma, Mallorca, Spain for 46 years, a duty which involved delivering packages, seeing to the lodging of travellers, and dispensing alms to the poor. From this humble post he influenced many through the years.

Obsessed with the spiritual, and given to extreme self-imposed austerities, he had a special devotion to Saint Ursula, and was so obedient to his superiors that when one told him to eat his plate, he tried to cut it with a knife and fork. Friend and room-mate of Saint Peter Claver; advised Peter to request missionary work in South America. Professed his final Jesuit vows at the age of 54.

Reputed to heal by fervent prayer. The night before his death was spent in a visionary ecstasy. Some authors claim he wrote the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception, but his part was to make it more popular.

Left behind a collection of manuscripts of journal entries, random thoughts, simple illustrations, and musings on things spiritual that are remarkable for their simplicity, sound and correct doctine, and spiritual understanding; they were published as Spiritual Works of Blessed Alonso Rodriguez in Barcelona in 1885.

Today’s Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day Quote:

Though his life was punctuated with personal tragedies and disappointments, and he left no special writings or teachings, his impact on the people he met was his legacy. He served with such love that the act of opening the door became a sacramental gesture.

Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day
Saint Alonso Rodriguez Feast Day