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Saint Pharaildis of Ghent – Saint of the Day – January 4

St. Pharaildis of Ghent Biography

St. Pharaildis of Ghent Profile. Born: 650 AD in Belgium, Europe. Worked in Belgium. Died: 740 AD in Belgium. Feast Day is celebrated on January 4.


The Memorial of St. Pharaildis of Ghent – Saint of the Day

St. Pharaildis of Ghent Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 650 AD
Country of Birth Belgium of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Married
Profession N/A
Place of Work Belgium
Date of Death 740 AD
Place of Death Belgium
Feast Day January 4
Canonization Canonized by Pre congregation
Patron Saint of
  1. Against childhood diseases
  2. Difficult marriages
  3. Poultry
  4. Victims of abuse
  5. Widows
  6. Ghent, Belgium
  7. Smetlede, Belgium


Saint’s Biography

She was born in 650 in Ghent in Belgium. She came from a noble Merovingian family and was the sister of Saint Gudule and niece of Saint Gertrude of Nivelles. Her father was a nobleman and accompanied the king on his army, and in peacetime, he lived on his estates and villas. Like all girls from good families, Pharaoh’s got a solid religious education at the Nivelles monastery led by the holy Gjertrud of Nivelles (626-59).

Even though she had dedicated her virginity to God, St. Pharaildis was forced to marry a wealthy suitor, son of Otto, the leader of a Saxon tribe.  He treated her with great cruelty, because she insisted on living as a virgin or because he opposed her spending the nights in the local churches. He died before her after being injured during a horse hunt, so she was free to live according to her promise. She was still a virgin and was given the name “virgin” to “widow”.


St. Pharaildis died in 740 AD of natural causes.

Saint Pharaildis of Ghent
Saint Pharaildis of Ghent