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Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh – Saint of the Day – July 3

Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh Biography

Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh Profile. Born: 1815 AD in Vietnam, Asia. Worked in vicariate of West Cochinchina (in modern Vietnam). Died: July 3 1853 in Ðinh Khao (Vietnam). Feast Day is celebrated on July 3.


The Memorial of Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh – Saint of the Day

Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth

1815 AD

Country of Birth

Vietnam of Asia

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Saints who were Priests



Place of Work

vicariate of West Cochinchina (in modern Vietnam).

Date of Death

July 3, 1853

Place of Death

Ðinh Khao (Vietnam).

Feast Day

July 3


Beatified by Pope Leo XIII


Canonized by Pope John Paul II

Patron Saint of


Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh Biography

Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh was a priest in the vicariate of West Cochinchina (modern-day Vietnam). He was also a member of the Paris Society for Foreign Missions. Unfortunately, he was martyred in the persecutions of emperor Tu-Duc.

Early Life

Conceived in 1815 in Cai Mon town , Mo Cay locale , Vinh Long territory. On the now Cho Lach region , Ben Tre area in Vietnam. Most youthful in a group of 14 youngsters. His folks passed on from the get-go. Everything was dealt with by their oldest sister. Both material and otherworldly needs.

In 1828, Minh was acknowledged into Lai Thieu theological college, by cleric Taberd. Be that as it may, without further ado a short time later, Emperor Minh Mang precluded Catholicism in 1833. The Seminary needed to shut down. At the time, he went to learn at the theological school of the Paris Foreign Missions Society in Penang in Malaysia. While there, he worked with Bishop Taberd to form Vietnamese to Latin lexicons in Calcutta, India until 1838. Thought about the primary compiler in Vietnam. In 1840, he returned to Vietnam.


Appointed minister, at Gia Huu by Vietnamese priest Cuénot. In any case, Minh Mang ruler kicked the bucket, and King Thieu Tri was the new lord. Despite the fact that the pronouncement was still set up, it was not as extreme as in the past. Which means, he could serve in areas like Dau Nuoc, Xoai Mu, Cho Bung, Ba Dong, Cai Nhum, Cai Mon, Bai San …

After two declaration August/1848 and March/1851 , the mistreatment against the Catholic religion turns out to be progressively extreme. Around then, cleric Philip Van Minh and a few seminarians moved toward the North rather than Father Peter Nguyen Van Luu who had moved. Day multi month multi year 1853, the military came to surround the supervisor of the family named Joseph Nguyen Van Luu in light of the fact that a man named Ring (Kitchen Ring) blamed the big shot for tolerating the executive since he had recently requested the minister Luu however couldn’t go to indictment. measuring with mandarin. At the point when the military investigated the supervisor they expected, Minh went to report himself and pronounced himself the executive. At that point troopers tied him up with his relative Luu to come back to Vong Long.


Here, Quan got some information about different ministers and places he once lived however did not gather much. In the next days, Quan utilized numerous techniques, for example, scaring, luring, tormenting him to venture through the cross to repudiate his religion, yet he stayed decided not to do as such. Around then, he was 38 years of age, so he was accomplished, so he needed to spare him by saying that he “quit the religion” yet he denied this offer. All things considered, the officers of the military detained him in Tuyen Phong and drafted a sentence sent to the Hue capital.


On July 3, 1853, Father Phan Van Minh got a decision at the Dinh Khao school, close Vinh Long. Prior to that, at the school, this school had a propensity for tidying up capital punishment for the last supper before execution yet he won’t. His body was covered in the congregation which was scorched in Cai Mon. Day multi month multi year 1960 , his remaining parts were moved to Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon during the commitment.

the Paris Foreign Missions Society in Penang ( Malaysia ). There, he worked together with Bishop Taberd From to gather Vietnamese – Latin word references in Calcutta ( India ) until 1838 , he was viewed as the main writer of Vietnam. In 1840 , he came back to Vietnam and was appointed a minister at Gia Huu by Vietnamese religious administrator Cuénot  . After the demise of Minh Mang ruler, King Thieu Tri was delegated, in spite of the fact that the declaration was still there however not as extraordinary as in the past. Because of that, he can serve in areas like Dau

Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh
Saint Philiphê Phan Van Minh