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Saint Pompeius of Durres – Saint of the Day – July 7

St. Pompeius of Durres Biography

Saint Pompeius of Durres Profile. Born: N/A in Italy, Europe. Worked in N/A. Died: 117 AD in Macedonia (modern Durres, Albania). Feast Day is celebrated on July 7.


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St. Pompeius of Durres Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth


Country of Birth

Italy of Europe

Matrimony/Holy Orders

St.s who were Married



Place of Work


Date of Death

117 AD

Place of Death

off the coast of Dyrrachium (Durazzo), Macedonia (modern Durres, Albania)

Feast Day

July 7





Patron Saint of



Saint Pompeius of Durres, Italian Christian who fled Italy to get away from the mistreatments of ruler Hadrian. Touched base in Dyrrachium, Macedonia to discover St. Astius attached to a cross, covered in nectar, laid in the sun, and left to be tormented by gnawing and stinging creepy crawlies. When he communicated compassion toward Astius, he was blamed for being a Christian, captured, binded, weighted down, taken seaward, and drowned. A martyr.

Saint Pompeius of Durres
St. Pompeius of Durres