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Saint Rocco Gonzalez – Saint of the Day – November 15

Saint Rocco Gonzalez Biography

Saint Rocco Gonzalez Profile. Born: 1576 AD in Paraguay, Europe. Worked in Brazil. Died: 15 November 1628 in Caaro, Brazil. Feast Day is celebrated on November 15.

The Memorial of Saint Rocco Gonzalez – Saint of the Day

Saint Rocco Gonzalez Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 1576 AD
Country of Birth Paraguay in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Not Married
Profession Engineer
Place of Work Brazil
Date of Death 15 November 1628
Place of Death Caaro, Brazil
Feast Day November 15
Beatification Beatified by Pope Pius XI on 28 January 1934
Canonization Canonized by Pope John Paul II on 16 May 1988
Patron Saint of native traditions

Saint Rocco Gonzalez Biography

Saint Rocco Gonzalez was born to the Paraguayan honorability. Jesuit minister. One of the planners of the Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay. Understanding the harm of the slave exchange, the Jesuits accumulated the indigenous Indians and went inland. In Paraguay, starting in 1609, they manufactured settlements, showed agribusiness, design, development, metallurgy, cultivating, farming and printing. When the Jesuits were ousted in 1767 they had 57 settlements with more than 100,000 local inhabitants.

Roch filled in as specialist, engineer, planner, rancher and minister, administered the development of houses of worship, schools and homes, and presented care for dairy cattle and sheep to the locals. He adjusted his strategies to local people love of decoration, moving, and clamour. On the incredible galas of the Church, Roch seriously observed Mass outside the little covered church, and after that the entire town wearing their best and praised the remainder of the day with recreations, campfires, religious moves, woodwind music, and firecrackers. Savage warriors were relaxed by Roch’s delicate Christianity, set aside their disdain for religion, and grasped the confidence; fierce retribution, beforehand some portion of the neighbourhood culture, was relinquished.

This advancement received an extreme pass up the entry of slave brokers who had the option to impact the Spanish crown and get authorization for their action. They attracted locals from the Reductions, double-crossed them, and sold them into servitude. Roch turned into a staunch defender of their opportunity, arguing the Indian reason so powerfully with the Spanish government that the Reduction of Saint Ignatius was at long last left in harmony.

Due to his accomplishment in evangelizing the locals, a nearby witch-specialist who was losing his capacity base killed Roch alongside Saint John de Castillo and Saint Alphonsus Rodriquez. One of the Jesuit Martyrs of Paraguay.

St. Rocco Gonzalez
St. Rocco Gonzalez