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St Auguste Chapdelaine – Feast Day: February 28 – Saint of the Day

St Auguste Chapdelaine Biography

St Auguste Chapdelaine was the youngest child in a family of nine children. His parents were Chapdelaine and Madeleine Dodeman. In accordance with grammar school, Auguste suddenly dropped out of school to work on the family farm. St Auguste feeling a calling to priesthood earlier, his family is against the idea and hence opposes it since they were in need of his help in the farm.

However, the sudden unexpected death of two of his brothers made them think twice about forcing him to ignore his life’s vocation. And finally approved to his idea of joining the priesthood. He joined the minor seminary at Mortain on 1st October 1834. He at that time was studying with boys half his age and thus being the nickname Papa Chapdelaine which apparently became his name for the rest of his life.

The Memorial of St Auguste Chapdelaine

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St Auguste Chapdelaine brief life History

Date of Birth January 6, 1814
Country of Birth France in Europe
Profession French Christian missionary of the Paris Foreign Missions Society
Place of Work France, Singapore, China
Date of Death 29 February 1856 (aged 42)
Place of Death Su-Lik-Hien, Kwang-Si province, China
Feast Day 28 February
Beatification By Not Available
Canonization By Pope John Paul II on 1 October 2000
Patron Saint of  

St Auguste Chapdelaine Short life History

St Auguste Chapdelaine was also known as
• Augustus Chapdelaine
• Father Ma
• Papa Chapdelaine

St Auguste was Ordained on 10 June 1843 at the age of 29. He then finally obtained permission from his bishop to enter the foreign missions. Luckily he was accepted by French Foreign Missions. Unfortunately, he was two years past their age limit. His enthusiasm for the missions was the reason for his approval after all.

His stay was long enough to say a final Mass, bury his sister, and say good-bye to his family. Hence warning them that he would never see them again. He then left Paris, France for the Chinese missions on 30 April 1852. His landing in Singapore was on 5 September 1852.

Because of being robbed on the road by bandits,  St Auguste lost everything he had and had to fall back and regroup before making his way to his missionary assignment. On reaching Kwang-si province in 1854, he was arrested in Su-Lik-Hien ten days later. Having spent two to three weeks in prison, but was released, and ministered to the locals for two years, converting hundreds.

He was Arrested on 26 February 1856 during a government crackdown, he was returned to Su-Lik-Hien and sentenced to death for his work. Tortured with and died with Saint Lawrence Pe-Man and Saint Agnes Tsau Kouy. One of the Martyrs of China

Today’s Catholic Quote:

St Auguste Chapdelaine was born on 6 January 1814 at La Rochelle-Normande, France and died after being beheaded on 29 February 1856 in Su-Lik-Hien, Kwang-Si province, China

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