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Holy Family Catholic School, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Holy Family Catholic School Location, Contacts

Holy Family Catholic School is a Catholic Elementary School located in 2300 Beasley Avenue Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama – 35816, United States of America – USA.

Phone Number: 256-539-5221
Email Address: [email protected]


Diocese/Arch-Diocese: Diocese of Birmingham
Google Map Coordinates: 34.734863, -86.602732

Holy Family Catholic School Huntsville, Al
Holy Family Catholic School Huntsville, Al

Holy Family Catholic School Short History

Holy Family Catholic Regional School founded in 1979 and it enrolls 200 students that time St. Joseph’s School and St. Mary’s School merged creating an elementary school for grades K-8. Our Lady, Queen of the Universe closed in 1980 thus forcing students to transfer to Holy Family. The school connect to St. Joseph’s Catholic Community and the parish. A prekindergarten program added in 2004 enrolling 16-18 students.

The school gives parents and students scholarships. Holy Family provides $70,000 a year in tuition assistance. The school participate in completion becoming top winners of science Olympiad and Math tournaments. Extracurricular offered at Holy Family develop students to liar more. The school clubs help children have confidence by interacting with others. The staff encourage students to learn more about Catholic teaching and importance of prayers

Fee Structure

To be updated soon

Tuition 2019-2020

  Annual/Parishioner Annual/Non Parishioner
1st child – Grade k- 4th
1st child – Grade 5th – 8th
2nd child- Grade k- 4th
2nd child- Grade 5th– 8th
3rd child Grade k- 4th
3rd child Grade 5th -8th
and each subsequent child

Holy Family School: Where every child is a gift!