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St. Boniface Catholic School, Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

St. Boniface Catholic School Location, Contacts

St. Boniface Catholic School is a Catholic Elementary School located in 201 North 19th Street Fort Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas – 72901, United States of America – USA.

Phone Number:479-783-6601

Email Address:

Diocese/Arch-Diocese: Diocese of Little Rock
Google Map Coordinates:35.381802, -94.411419

St. Boniface School Fort Smith, Arkansas
St. Boniface School Fort Smith, Arkansas

St. Boniface Catholic School Short History

St. Boniface Catholic School founded in 1887, enrolling students in Elementary and pre-k. The school added a two-year-old preschool program in August 2011. Mrs. Jenna Thomas is the Principal.

May 1950 graduation
May 1950 graduation

Why Private Catholic School?

1 Students scoring higher in standardized are more likely to go to the best school than public school.
2 Students excel in studies when in a better and safe environment.

St. Boniface Catholic School Fee Structure

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St. Boniface Catholic School Tuition

St. Boniface Catholic School
Tuition Obligation Agreement 2018-2019

Annual Tuition 2018-19 at
St. Boniface Catholic School
Pre-K 7:30 a.m.—11:00a.m
Pre-K 7:30 a.m.— 3:15p.m
Pre-K 7:30 a.m.— 6:00pm
5 Days/Week
3 Days/Week
K– 6th Parish Non-Parish
1 Student $3610 $4900
2 Student $6330 $9800
3 Student $8100 $14,700

The Annual Registration Fee for each currently enrolled student is $100. Registration Fees for new students are due at the time of registration. Registration Fees for existing families within the school are due June 1. Parents who select automatic bank draft for tuition payment to have free withdraw in June. Materials, book and exam fees are $150 for k-6 grades are due on August 31. On September snack for each student to be $50.
NOTE- for more information please contact the school.