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Catholic Quote of the Day May 6th, 2019

1. I am incapable of doing big things, but I will do everything, including the smallest things, for the greater glory of God. ~ Saint Dominic Savio

2. Ask Jesus to make you a saint. After all, only He can do that. Go to confession regularly and receive the Communion as often as you can. ~ Saint Dominic Savio

3. If I can succeed in saving only a single soul I can be sure that my own will be saved. ~ Saint Dominic Savio

4. Mary, I give you my heart. Always keep it yours. Jesus, Mary, always be my friends. I beg you, let me die rather than be so unfortunate as to commit a single sin. ~ Saint Dominic Savio

5. I need nothing to make me happy in this world. I only need to see Jesus in heaven, Whom I now see and adore on the altar with the eyes of faith. ~ Saint Dominic Savio

Who is Saint Dominic Savio?

Born on 2nd April 1842 in the village of Riva in northern Italy, St Dominic Savio had nine brothers and sisters. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a seamstress. He came from a pious, poor but hardworking family.

In his early years of life, Dominic was very devout in practicing his Catholic faith. He said grace before every meal and refused to dine with those who did not.

During the day of his first Holy Communion, Dominic wrote these four promises:

  • I will go to Confession often and frequently to receive the Holy Communion as my Priest allows.
  • I wish to sanctify the Sundays and festivals in a special manner.
  • Jesus and Mary shall be my friends
  • I choose death rather than sin.

On March 9, 1857, at 14 years of age Dominic Died of sickness. Before he died he said to his father: “Goodbye, Dad, goodbye … Oh, what wonderful things I see!” and died within minutes thereafter.

Pope Pius XI declared Dominic Savio venerable in 1933. He was beatified in 1950, then canonized in 1954 by Pope Pius XII.

Saint Dominic is the patron saint of choirboys

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