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Saint Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo – Saint of the Day – January 17 or May 21

St. Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo Biography

St. Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo Profile. Born: 19 September 1886 in Mexico, South America. Worked in Mexico. Died: 17 January 1927 in Mexico. Feast Day is celebrated on January 17 or May 21.


The Memorial of St. Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo – Saint of the Day

St. Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth 19 September 1886
Country of Birth Mexico in South America
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Priests
Profession Priest
Place of Work Mexico
Date of Death 17 January 1927
Place of Death Mexico
Feast Day January 17 or May 21
Beatification Beatified by Pope John Paul II on 22 November 1992
Canonization Canonized by Pope John Paul II on 21 May 2000 during the Jubilee of Mexico


Saint’s Biography

Saint Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo was born on September 19, 1886, in Jalisco, Mexico. Joined the seminar at Guadalajara. In 1911 he became a priest and was sent to several churches, including Tecolotlan, Jalisco. Jenaro was known for his charity towards his parishioners and the sick. When anti-religious laws were publicized, he celebrated mass in private homes. On January 17, 1927, h was arrested and killed while preparing to celebrate Mass on his Farm in Tecolotlan, Jalisco in Mexico. His was corpse mutilated and left hanging as a warning. Relics translated to Cocula, Jalisco in 1934

Saint Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo
Saint Jenaro Sánchez DelGadillo

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