Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Prayer for Casting Our Burdens to Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ, we come before You in prayer, with humble and contrite hearts, to cast our burdens to You dear Jesus, for we are heavily loaded with our earthly fears, worries, deficiencies and persecutions. You have told us to cast our burdens to You so that we may get rest.

Jesus, we have been burdened by sickness, financial difficulties, desertion by our family, friends and neighbours, job losses, emotional breakdown, persecutions from both friends and foes and many other things that You, Oh Lord know about us.

Give us a humble and contrite heart so that we can take up Your yoke that is good to bear and also light.

May we always come to You, dear Jesus, on our knees in prayer to cast our labours and burdens for it is only in You that we can find everlasting rest and comfort. Amen

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