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Blessed Ceslas Odrowaz – Saint of the Day – July 15

Bl. Ceslas Odrowaz Biography

Blessed Ceslas Odrowaz Profile. Born: 1180 AD in Poland, Europe. Worked in Poland. Died: July 15 1242 in Poland. Feast Day is celebrated on July 15.


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Bl. Ceslas Odrowaz Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth

1180 AD

Country of Birth

Poland of Europe

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Matrimony/Holy Orders

Bl.s who were Not Married



Place of Work


Date of Death

July 15 1242

Place of Death

Wroclaw, Poland

Feast Day

July 15


Pope Clement XI



Patron Saint of

Wroclaw, Poland


Blessed Ceslas Odrowaz, relative, perhaps the sibling, of St. Hyacinth. Learned at Prague in Bohemia, and Bologna, Italy. Appointed in Cracow, Poland. Specialist of standard law and of religious philosophy. Group of the house of God at Cracow. Executive of Sandomir. Noted profound counselor. Monk Preacher, getting the propensity from St. Dominic de Guzman himself.

Executive of livelihoods at the Dominican religious circle at Prague; when the assemblage exceeded the cloister, Ottakar I manufactured them a bigger one. Content that he had built up a firm establishment in Prague, Ceslas came back to Wroclaw, Poland where he got a saint’s welcome from general society and church authorities. Profound chief of Saint Hedwig of Poland. Voyaging minister through Moravia, Saxony, Prussia, and Pomerania. Noted for instructing the warrior class to rehearse Christian philanthropy while seeking after a brutal profession. His supplications restored many, including the visually impaired and quiet, and supposedly breathed life into a suffocated tyke back. The effective obstruction of the Mongols by the general population of Wroclaw in 1240 is ascribed to the supplications of Ceslas.

Ceslas was notable and exceedingly respected all through the district during and after his lifetime. Be that as it may, when non-Catholics took over Silesia numerous years after the fact, essential records concerning him were burned.

Ceslas’ Cause for beatification was brought more than once before the Congregation. The absence of the first records, and the fairly uncommon nature of the cases made for him, made the Congregation defer endorsement for a long time.

Blessed Ceslas Odrowaz
Bl. Ceslas Odrowaz

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