Blessed Hemming of Turku – Feast Day – May 21

Today is Monday, January 30, 2023

Blessed Hemming of Abo, Turku was the Roman Catholic bishop of Turku, Finland. He was born in the late 13th century in Balinge parish, north of Uppsala, Sweden, and died on May 21 1366 in Turku, Finland. We celebrate his feast day on May 21 every year in the Catholic Church.

The Memorial of Blessed Hemming of Turku – Feast Day

Blessed Hemming of Turku Biography

Date of Birth Late 13th century AD
Country/Place of Birth Balinge, North of Uppsala, Sweden
Matrimony/Holy Orders Blesseds who were Bishops
Profession Bishop
Place of Work Finland
Date of Death May 21 1366
Place of Death Turku, Finland
Feast Day May 21
Beatification Beatified by Pope Leo X in 1514 AD at Old Saint Peter’s Basilica, Papal States
Patron Saint of  

Blessed’s Biography

Blessed Hemming of Turku studied in Uppsala, Sweden and Paris, France. One of his classmates in Paris became Pope Clement VI.

In 1329 he became a priest and nine years later Hemming became bishop of Åbo. In this position, he served for 28 years.

Hemming improved the education and discipline of his priests, improved the liturgical equipment and finances of the diocese, and campaigned for peace among the peoples of his region. He was a friend of Saint Bridget of Sweden.

Blessed Hemming of Abo, Turku
Bl Hemming of Abo, Turku

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