Blessed Joseph Boissel – Saint of the Day – July 5

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Today is Friday, February 23, 2024

 Blessed Joseph Boissel Biography

Blessed Joseph Boissel Profile. Born: December 20, 1909, in France, Europe. Worked in Laos. Died: July 5, 1969, in the road near Hat I-Et, Bolikhamxay, Laos. Feast Day is celebrated on July 5.


The Memorial of Blessed Joseph Boissel – Saint of the Day

Blessed Joseph Boissel Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth

December 20 1909

Country of Birth

France of Europe

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Blesseds who were Priests



Place of Work


Date of Death

July 5, 1969

Place of Death

the road near Hat I-Et, Bolikhamxay, Laos.

Feast Day

July 5


Beatified by Pope Francis


Canonized by Pre-Congregation

Patron Saint of


Blessed Joseph Boissel Biography

Blessed Joseph Boissel, conceived December 20, 1909, in the walks of Brittany (France), in the villa of La Tiolais, outside the town of Loroux. He touched base in Laos in 1938.

In March 1945, the Japanese hit Laos. On June 1, Joseph Boissel was caught with his partner Father Vincent Le Calvez, and the Apostolic Prefect, Mons. Jean Mazoyer, OMI. Every one of the three were taken to Vinh, Vietnam, where they were held among an unfriendly populace. Back in Laos in 1946, Joseph again discovered his Tran Ninh and contact with the Hmong.

On Saturday, July 5, 1969, he chose to go to Hat I-Êt, a town of Kmhmu’ exiles a decent 20 kilometers from Paksane, going up along the River Nam San. In view of the absence of security, that year he was unfit to go there for service for a while. The catechist André Van was there and he had to realize that he was upheld.

Setting out around four toward the evening, he took two youthful Laotian Oblate Missionaries with him; not surprisingly, they were to assist him with the visits, the consideration of the wiped out and the religious administration.

Account of Capture

Told by one of the two passengers who survived. A few kilometers before landing at the town, at a twist in the street, I heard a burst of gunfire went for us. The tires extinguished and I was hit in the hand. I saw a warning moving in the backwoods flanking our course. A moment burst of gunfire and Thérèse was hit in the head; since I am littler, the shots did not hit me. The terminating originated from the left, on the driver’s side.

Father Boissel was hit in the head – close to the mouth and in the skull. The jeep went into a jettison, transformed over on us and burst into flames. Father’s glasses were broken; he passed on the detected His huge eyes were open. Each of the three of us were totally secured with blood.


Father Boissel was dead; Thérèse was oblivious. I was in an immense trance. not moving. like dead. Yet, I saw three youthful Vietnamese fighters circumventing the vehicle multiple times. He stated: “We should slaughter them!” – “How about we consume the vehicle and its inhabitants!” They moved away and tossed an explosive at the vehicle. The projectile detonated – it was the blasts that caused our wounds. I stated, “O Lord!” however cover of dimness came over me

I don’t have the foggiest idea to what extent we remained like that in the vehicle. Be that as it may, Thérèse came to first. She pushed me to get out. The projectile had stunned us. It was hard for us to impart, to comprehend each other. Both of us implored the Lord: “In the event that regardless you need us. send somebody to support us.” We rested along the street. I put my hand on Thérèse’s heart and she put hers on my heart: joined in torment.

Gracious, we needed to hold up quite a while, from 4:30 until about 9:30. At last a few people touched base to lift us up. Father’s body had been singed to the point that his face was absolutely unrecognizable. Thérèse, hit in the head, remained rationally debilitated because of the assault. She truly has no satisfaction in living.

Blessed Joseph Boissel
Blessed Joseph Boissel

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