Blessed Leonardus Kimura – Feast Day – November 18

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Blessed Leonardus Kimura Profile. Born: 1575 AD in Japan, Asia. Worked in Japan. Died: 18 November 1619 in Nishizaka, Nagaski, Japan. Feast Day is celebrated on November 18.

The Memorial of Blessed Leonardus Kimura – Saint of the Day

Blessed Leonardus Kimura Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Date of Birth

1575 AD

Country of Birth

Japan in Asia

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Blesseds who were Not Married



Place of Work


Date of Death

18 November 1619

Place of Death

Nishizaka, Nagaski, Japan

Feast Day

November 18


Beatified by Pope Pius IX on 7 May 1867


Canonized by N/A

Patron Saint of


Blessed Leonardus Kimura Biography

His granddad was the main Japanese individual sanctified through water by Saint Francis Xavier, and Leonard was raised Christian; he was identified with Blessed Anthony Kimura.

Gone to the Jesuit school in Nagasaki, Japan. Filled in as lay catechist. Gone with Jesuit clerics on teacher trips. Jesuit Co-adjutor Brother, filling in as cook and tailor.

At the point when the Jesuits were ousted from Japan in 1614, Leonard remained behind and worked alone for quite a long time, living as a criminal for his confidence.

In 1619 he was caught with a little gathering of Christians. He was dressed as a Japanese man of honour, and the cleric seekers had no clue they’d seized a Jesuit.

At his preliminary, the judge offered him the standard 200 bits of silver in the event that he would uncover the whereabouts of a Jesuit cleric.

Kimura stated, “I know one Jesuit; he is a Co-adjutor Brother and not a cleric, and I am that Brother.” This confirmation sent him to jail.

There he proceeded with his central goal as a catechist, changed over corrections officers and detainees, and transformed the jail into a Christian people group with fixed occasions for petition and contemplation; this worked sent him to suffering.

Bl. Leonardus Kimura
Bl. Leonardus Kimura

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