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Saint Anastasius of Camerino – Saint of the Day – May 11

St. Anastasius of Camerino Biography

St. Anastasius of Camerino Profile. Born: unknown in Italy, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: 251 in Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on May 11.


The Memorial of St. Anastasius of Camerino – Saint of the Day

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Country of Birth

Italy in Europe

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Feast Day

May 11




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Saint’s Biography

Saint Anastasius of Camerino was a soldier in the Roman Army under Emperor Decius. Anastasius converted when he saw the courage and faith of the martyrs he tortured to death. Soon after, Anastasius was arrested for his new faith and killed with his entire family and servants in 251. 

Saint Anastasius of Camerino
St. Anastasius of Camerino