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St Patricia of Nicomedia Biography – Feast Day – March 13

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Patricia of Nicomedia, Martyr was born on 4ht Century in Turkey, Asia. Worked in Nicomedia, Turkey. Died: 304 AD in Nicomedia (in modern Turkey). Feast Day is celebrated on March 13.
The Memorial of Saint Patricia of Nicomedia – Saint of the Day Biography 

St Patricia of Nicomedia, Martyr Profile

Date of Birth 4ht Century
Country of Birth Turkey of Asia
Matrimony/Holy Orders Married who became Saints
Profession Martyr
Place of Work Nicomedia, Turkey
Date of Death 304 AD
Place of Death Nicomedia (in modern Turkey)
Feast Day March 13
Beatification Beatified by N/A
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

St Patricia Biography

St Patricia of Nicomedia was married of Saint Macedonius of Nicomedia of whom she had a daughter with. She was the mother of Saint Modesta of Nicomedia. The entire family was martyred with several other Christians whose names are still anonymous.

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St Patricia’s Death

She was martyred in 304 AD at Nicomedia (in modern Turkey).