Blessed Clelia Merloni – Feast Day – November 21

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Blessed Clelia Merloni Biography

Blessed Clelia Merloni Profile. Born: 10 March 1861 in Italy, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: 21 November 1930 in Rome, Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on November 21.

The Memorial of Blessed Clelia Merloni – Saint of the Day

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Date of Birth March 10 1861
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death November 21 1930
Place of Death Rome, Italy
Feast Day November 21
Beatification Beatified by Pope Francis on November 3 2018
Patron Saint of  

Blessed Clelia Merloni Biography

Blessed Clelia Merloni was the little girl of Gioacchino Merloni, a rich and persuasive industrialist, and Teresa Brandinelli; Clelia was baptized in the diocesan church building of Santa Croce in Forli, Italy when she was just a couple of hours old.

Her mom died in 1864 when Clelia was just 3 years of age; her maternal grandma and her progression mother, Maria Giovanna Boeri who wedded Gioacchino in 1866, raised her to be a devout young lady with decent training.

Her dad turned out to be so engaged with prevailing business that he turned out to be transparently antagonistic to religion when all is said in done, joined the Freemasons, and turned out to be explicitly hostile to Catholicism.

He intended to have Clelia succeed him into business, yet she was attracted to religious life which prompted family difficulty as he accused the ladies in the family of turning Clelia against him.

Clelia reacted by appealing to God for him and doing atonement in reparation of her day’s activities. He was accommodated to the confidence before his demise in 1885.

Liberated from her family commitments, Clelia joined the Figlie di Santa Maria della Divina Providenza (Daughters of Holy Mary of the Divine Providence).

In religious life, she felt a calling to begin an assembly gave to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in the end established the Apostle del Sacro Cuore di Gesù (Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) in Viareggio, Italy on May 30 1894.

Inward questions, including defilement and robbery by Clelia’s fund head, prompted her leaving the request in 1896; the administrator was a minister, and Clelia wouldn’t get common specialists inspired by a paranoid fear of causing embarrassment and working up against Catholic slant.

Be that as it may, on 10 June 1900, with the endorsement and backing of Blessed Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, diocesan of Piacenza, Italy, she came back to religious life, was acknowledged over into the Apostles, and helped set them up on their new work as ministers to Brazil.

Following the loss of help brought about by the demise of diocesan Scalabrini in 1905, the inward struggle in the Apostles ejected once more, the backing of Clelia declined, and in 1911 she was supplanted as Superior General by the Vatican.

Clelia pulled back from open life, and in 1916 got agreement to be discharged from her religious pledges. In any case, late in life, she mentioned to return religious life, and on March 7 1928 turned into a basic sister in the Apostles.

The Apostles, whose maxim is “The Love of Christ Impels Us”, proceed with their great work today with 1,200 sisters situated in 195 houses in Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the United States, Mozambique, Benin, Albania, Taiwan and the Philippines, concentrating essentially on instruction.

Blessed Clelia Merloni
Blessed Clelia Merloni

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