Blessed John van Ruysbroeck – Feast Day – December 2 2023

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Today is Sunday, July 14, 2024

Blessed John van Ruysbroeck was also known as Jan van Ruusbroeck or John the Admirable Doctor.

He was an Augustinian canon regular and mystic.

He was born in 1293 AD in Ruisbroek, Flemish Brabant, Belgium, and died on December 2 1381 in Groenendaal, near Brussels.

We celebrate his feast day on December 2 every year in the Catholic Church.

Blessed John van Ruysbroeck Biography
Blessed John van Ruysbroeck - Feast Day - December 2
Blessed Jan van Ruusbroeck – Feast Day – December 2 2023
Date of Birth 1293 AD
Place of Birth Ruisbroek, Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Profession Augustinian canon
Place of Work Belgium
Date of Death December 2 1381
Place of Death Groenendaal near Brussels
Feast Day December 2
Beatification By Pope Pius X on December 9 1908
Patron Saint of  

Blessed John van Ruysbroeck’s Life History

Little is known about the father of Blessed John van Ruysbroeck, but history recalls his mother as a devout woman who eventually joined a convent.

John was born in 1293 near Brussels, Belgium. At the age of eleven, he moved in with his uncle, Father John Hinckaert, at Saint Gudule’s in Brussels, where he received his education. He was ordained in 1317 and served as a chaplain at Saint Gudule’s for 26 years.

In response to the spread of heretical pamphlets, John began to write his own pamphlets, primarily addressing false mysticism. Unfortunately, none of these writings have survived.

In 1343, John and his uncle retired to a hermitage in Groenendael. His reputation for wisdom and holiness began to spread, and the hermitage attracted like-minded individuals.

On March 13, 1349, they established a formal community of Augustinian canons regular, with John as the prior. Many sought spiritual guidance from the canons, especially from John himself.

He lived an austere life, gaining fame as a profound contemplative and an adept guide for souls. Later, as inspiration struck, he resumed his writing and is renowned as the greatest of the Flemish mystical writers.

Blessed John van Ruysbroeck died on December 2, 1381, at Groenendael near Brussels. His relics were translated to Saint Gudule’s in Brussels, Belgium, in 1783, but regrettably, they were lost or destroyed during the upheaval of the French Revolution.

He was beatified on December 1, 1908, by Pope Pius X.

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