Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti – Feast Day – November 20 2023

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Today is Sunday, February 25, 2024

Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti was also known as Anna Felicia Viti.

She was a Benedictine nun born on February 10 1827 in Veroli, Frosinone, Italy.

She died on November 20 1922 in Veroli, Italy.

We celebrate her feast day on November 20 every year in the Catholic Church.

Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti Biography
Date of Birth February 10 1827
Place of Birth Veroli, Frosinone, Italy
Profession Benedictine nun
Place of Work Veroli, Italy
Date of Death November 20 1922
Place of Death Veroli, Italy
Feast Day November 20
Beatification By Pope Paul VI on October 8 1967
Patron Saint of
  • Those struggling against poverty
  • Individuals facing temptations
  • Those who have lost parents
  • People dealing with mental illness or mental health challenges

Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti Life History

Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti, born as Anna Felicia Viti on February 10, 1827, in Veroli, Frosinone, Italy, came from a challenging background.

Her father, Luigi Viti, was a gambler and heavy drinker, and her mother, Anna Bono, died when Anna was just fourteen years old.

Anna took on the responsibility of caring for her eight younger siblings after her mother’s death, often working as a domestic servant to provide for them.

At the age of 24, on March 21, 1851, she embarked on a new path by joining the Benedictines at the San Maria de’Franconi monastery in Veroli, Italy.

In religious life, she assumed the name Sister Maria Fortunata. She remained devoted to her vocation for over 70 years, dedicating her days to tasks like spinning, sewing, washing, and mending, all while continuously engaged in prayer.

Sister Maria Fortunata, although never learning to read or write and never holding any official position within her convent, possessed a profound devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

Her quiet, humble, joyful, and prayerful life served as a source of inspiration and learning for numerous generations of nuns and local laypeople.

She died on November 20, 1922, in Veroli, Frosinone, Italy. She was buried in a communal grave at her residence, and reports of miracles have been associated with her grave.

Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti was beatified on October 8, 1967, by Pope Paul VI. She is revered as a patron for those struggling against poverty, individuals facing temptations, those who have lost parents, and people dealing with mental illness or mental health challenges.

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