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Prayer for Forgiveness – Prayer for Forgiveness Catholic

Prayer for Forgiveness

It is in our nature as human beings to occasionally stray from the path of righteousness. This calls for a prayer for forgiveness. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross in order to bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.

In doing so He taught us the importance of seeking forgiveness once we loose our way. The loving Lord Jesus also taught us the importance of humbling ourselves when communicating with the Almighty God. Since no one is free of sin we need to learn how to ask the Lord for forgiveness. Some prayers we can use are:

Prayer for Forgiveness
Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness Catholic

Loving Father, please forgive me for what I have done against you. Father, I offer up this forgiveness prayer in hopes that you will look at my mistakes and know that I did not mean to hurt you. I know you know I’m not perfect. Lord, I know that what I did went against you, but I hope that you will forgive me, just as you forgive others like me. Father, I will try, to change. Also I will make every attempt to not give into temptation again.

Lord, I acknowledge that you are the most important thing in my life, Lord, and I know that what I did disappointed You. For that I ask, God, that you grant me counsel in the future. I ask for the discerning ear and open heart to hear and feel what you are instructing me to do. I pray that I will have the understanding to remember this time and that you give me the strength to go down a different path. Lord, thank you for all you do for me. I pray that you shower your grace upon me. In your Name. Amen.”

Prayer for Forgiveness of Others

“Loving Father, I am upset. I am hurt. This person did this thing to me, and I cannot understand why. I feel so betrayed, and I know you command that I should forgive them, but I don’t know how. Father, I just don’t know how to get past these emotions. How do You do it? How do You constantly forgive us when we mess up and hurt You? Lord, I ask that you give me the power to forgive.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you put in my heart a spirit of forgiveness. Lord, I know this person said they were sorry. They understand what they did was wrong. I may never forget what they did, and I’m sure our relationship will never be the same again, but I don’t want to live with this burden of anger and hatred any more. Father, I want to forgive. Please, Lord, help my heart and mind accept it. In your Name. Amen.”

Prayer for Forgiveness and Guidance

“Heavenly Father, please forgive me for sinning, please pardon me for my sins, looks like I only call on you when something bad is going on. God, Please forgive me for that. Father, also forgive my sins, guide me, help me to do better. Lord, help me stay grounded when I am wrong for paying for outside help? If so give me the strength not to do so again. Father, show me what to do for you and for my family. Thank you for your deliverance when I am going back please forgive me.

God, at first I was very scared but now I understand more, please continue to help my faith grow stronger and give me the faith to accept my calling. Please reveal to me if my next project is going to help , I need to know what I am supposed to be doing. Lord, bless me with that feeling of anointing and the hands to anoint others. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, for You are the alpha an omega the beginning an the end. End this addiction that poisons my temple, help my dreams come true. Father, bless us with more blessings thank you god! Amen.”

Prayer for Mercy and Forgiveness

“Blessed LORD God, so very much has failed in my life, in so many different and overwhelming ways in the past two years, that I am certain I am under your Wrath. Your wrath is just and fair, but Father, I beg you for your great mercy through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Father, please return me to your favor, your mercy, your blessing, your cover and your opportune care. Lord, please protect me and please shield my loved ones from all harm and trouble. Help us financially for they and I are in very dire straits. God, protect my mom and dad and save and convert them. Father, protect my siblings and save and convert them.

Loving Father, please save all my relatives, friends and acquaintances and their families and friends too. Almighty please heal me LORD. Do not break me without healing even though you have every cause to do just that. Please grant me a wise, honest, righteous and courageous Heart. Please help, Lord, please help. In the holy name of Christ Jesus, Amen.”

Prayer to Jesus for Forgiveness

“Blessed Jesus, for too long I have kept you out of my life. Lord, I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. Jesus Christ, no longer will I shut the door when I hear you knocking. By faith I thankfully receive your gift of salvation. I am ready to accept you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming down to earth. I know you are the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Lord, thank you for carrying my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life. I believe your words are true. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior. Amen.”

Prayer for Forgiveness in the Bible

Please have mercy on me, O Lord, according to your unfailing love. According to your great compassion block out my transgressions. Wash away all my failures and cleanse me from my sins. For I know my transgressions, and my sin are always with me. Against You, You and only You have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight. Father, you are right in your conclusion and justified when you judge. Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. Lord, Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Father, cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean. Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear joy and gladness. Let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Lord, hide your face from my sins and block out all my iniquity. Make in me a pure heart, Heavenly Father, and renew a steadfast spirit inside me. Do not remove me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and give me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Then I will teach the lost your ways, so that sinners will turn back to you. Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O Lord, you who are God my Savior, and my tongue. I will sing of your righteousness. Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise. Amen.”

Psalm 51:1-15

Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins and Healing

“Loving Lord, please forgive me for my sins [consider inserting details on specific situation]. I accept that I made a mistake. I know that You forgave me, but I also pray that you help me to deal with the emotions I’m experiencing as a result of my mistakes. Please lead me, sustain me and help heal me from the pain and shame that I am going through. Father, please help me to remember that I am a child of God, and give me the power to make it through this season. In the Name of Your son Jesus, I pray, Amen.”

Prayer for Strength and Forgiveness

“Blameless Lord, enduring death for my sake,
You have finished the debt of my sins.
Your sacrifice of forgiveness was absolute!
Give me the strength to also forgive others,
to pardon their transgressions against me.
So I may truly reflect this spiritual fruit,
obliterate any persistent feelings of malice.
Lord, let each trespass end as a closing chapter,
My continuation on the road of righteousness.
Forgive my sins as I aspire to forgive others.
You are truly exemplary of forgiveness.
You are a most forgiving Lord! Amen.”

prayer for Forgiveness and Peace

Blessed Jesus,

Thank you first of all for a brand new day. Lord, I give you glory and praise for all the good things in my life. Jesus, I need to ask your forgiveness for the terrible past of unfaithfulness and lies. Father, if I would have only believed in you and trusted that you had a plan. Forgive me for being insecure in who you created me to be.

Please forgive me for causing question and pain in the life of the person I love the most on this planet. Father, I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding in these matters. Lord, I caused the battles of the mind and Lord I need to ask you to forgive me for that as well. Take the pain away from the innocent victim of my sin. This I ask in Jesus name.


Prayer for Anger and Forgiveness

“Heavenly Father, please forgive me for when I let anger control what I say and do. Lord, I want to honor You in the way I control my emotions especially the anger in my life. Fill my heart with Your peace. Help me develop the spiritual discipline of anger management and learn how to control my emotions instead of allowing them to control me. In Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Forgiveness for Hurting Someone

“Heavenly Father, today was not a good day for how I treated others. Lord, I know I have to apologize. Father, I realize that I did that person wrong. There is no excuse for my bad behavior. I have no good reason for harming (their name). I pray that you put forgiveness in (their) heart.

Mostly, though God, I pray that you give (them) peace for when I do apologize. I pray that I can make the situation okay and that I do not give the impression that this is normal behavior for people who love you, Lord. I know you ask that our behavior be an example unto others, and my behavior certainly was not.

Father, I ask that you grant us both the strength to get through this situation and come out the other side better and more in love with you than before.

In your Name. Amen.”

Daily Prayer for Forgiveness

Loving God, I come before You knowing that I have sinned against You in so many different ways. In what I have said and done as well as in the bad thoughts that flow through my mind. Father, I know that I am a sinner and as such I was the reason for the Lord Jesus being crucified on the cruel cross to take the punishment that I fairly deserve to pay the price for. Father, I know that I am not worthy to come before You, but I ask for Your forgiveness of all my sins, for the sake of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Who died for me at Calvary.

Lord, wash me I pray in the purifying blood of Jesus. Cleanse me of all my sins. Fill my heart with righteous thoughts and clean desires, for I no longer want to remain in the drench of sin that has for so long separated me from You. Thank You Father that You have promised that all who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior will have their sins pardoned forever. Praise You Lord for Your grace and mercy on me a sinner saved by grace, in Jesus Name I pray.


Morning Prayer for Forgiveness

“Loving Lord, I’m in that situation again.
On my knees
placing my life out before You.
I thank you that on the cross you cried
“It is finished”.
You have accomplished it
Forgiveness is complete.
I can live forever in Your grace
Forever in Your love.

Lord, I ask now for Your forgiveness.
For the sins that I have done
And the things that I have neglected.
I beg for Your forgiveness,
For the people I have wronged along the way
and those who I have failed to love as You love.
I ask for Your forgiveness.

I accept Your forgiveness
and resolve in my heart.
That with Your power
I decide not to make these errors again.
I receive Your forgiveness
and by the power of Your Holy Spirit
I walk away from everything I know to be incorrect,
and embrace everything I know about You.
For the kingdom, the power and the glory
Are always and forever Yours.

Sinner’s Prayer for Forgiveness

“Take mercy on me, O God,
according to Your unfailing love.
According to Your great compassion
block out my sins.
Take away all my wickedness
and cleanse me from my sin.
Lord, for I know my transgressions,
and my sin are always before me.
Father, against You, You only, have I sinned
and done what is evil in Your sight.
For that You are proven right when You speak
and justified when You judge.

Lord, surely I have been a sinner from birth,
sinful from the time my mother conceived me.
Clean me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
wash me and I will be whiter than snow.
Create in me a pure heart, O Lord,
and renew a loyal spirit within me.
Do not remove me from Your presence
or take Your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of Your salvation
and give me a willing spirit to sustain me.
Then will I teach wrong doers Your ways,
and sinners will turn back to You. Amen.”

A Prayer for Repentance and Forgiveness

“Loving lord Jesus, I thank you for your abundant love and mercy you have upon my life. I thank you for counting me worthy of your kindness.

Father, You have shown me love and compassion despite all my transgressions and misgivings. I am thankful to you Lord because you have never condemned me for any of my wrong doings.

Loving Heavenly Father, a repentant heart is all that you desire from us. A true and sincere confession is all it takes to come back to your wonderful graces and become a new.

Father, I kneel before you today, in all honesty, to say: “I am sorry. Please forgive me, lord.” Amen.”

Forgiveness Prayer for Kids

“Loving Father, please forgive me for what I did. It was wrong and I disobeyed you. Father, Please help me not to do it again. Thank You that by the time I have finished this prayer there will be no record of my sin. You won’t even remember the wrong I did. Lord, help me to love You more and more each day.


Prayer for Forgiveness in Relationship

“Loving Father, please forgive me for my sins. Including those I have committed against my loved one. Lord, just as you are ready to forgive me, help me to forgive my partner, as well.

Lord, help me to forget my grudges. Help me to let go of the notion of revenge. Let the cycle of retribution stop in my relationship, let it be ended with forgiveness and love.

Help us to be Christlike in our forgiveness, Lord, and give us the strength to let go.”

In Christs’ Name. Amen.”

Prayer for Forgiveness for Hurting Others

“Blessed God, please help me to get forgiveness from this person for hurting their feelings. Please help them to see the greatness in me and to love me the way that You do. Father help them to let go of the anger that they are experiencing so that I can walk in the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Help them to heal from this incident and to release any bitterness that they may be holding on to. Please give me guidance in this situation, Holy Spirit, so that I can approach it in the way that is most pleasing to You. Help me God to do Your will. Thank You, and in Jesus’ mighty name, I pray. Amen.”

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