St Abercius Marcellus – Feast Day – October 22

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St Abercius Marcellus, also known as Abercius of Geropoli, was the Bishop of Hierapolis.

He was born in the 2nd century AD in Phrygia Salutaris in modern-day Turkey and died in 200 AD.

We celebrate his feast day on October 22 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Abercius Marcellus Biography

St Abercius Marcellus - Feast Day - October 22

Date of Birth 2nd century AD
Place of Birth Phrygia Salutaris
Profession Bishop of Hierapolis
Place of Work Hierapolis
Date of Death 200 AD
Place of Death Roman Empire
Feast Day October 22
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of  

St Abercius Marcellus Life History

St Abercius Marcellus was a resident of Phrygia Salutaris. He was the Bishop of Hierapolis which now is in modern-day southwestern Turkey.

He was a known preacher in his region and was at one time imprisoned for the crime of threat to civil order for opposing paganism.

When he was 72 years of age, Emperor Marcus Aurelius summoned Abercius Marcellus to Rome, Italy to exorcise a demon from his daughter Lucilla. He did that and returned to Hierapolis.

Abercius composed his own epitaph where he commented on the seal of Baptism that unites Christians everywhere and also speaks of the Holy Eucharist as well. These traditions are still practiced today.

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