St Cornelius the Centurion – Feast Day – October 20

Today is Wednesday, March 22, 2023

St Cornelius the Centurion was one of the Roman cohort stationed at Caesarea, Palestine in the early 1st century AD. Initially, he was a Roman pagan but while listening to the preaching of Saint Peter the Apostle, he received the Holy Spirit.

Cornelius had a vision telling him to send for St Peter. Peter came and baptized his entire family.

He is referred to as the first known Gentile to convert to Christianity. The baptism of his whole family points to the first-century use of infant baptism.

St Cornelius the Centurion became the first bishop of Caesarea, Palestine.

St Cornelius the Centurion Biography

St Cornelius the Centurion - Feast Day - October 20

Date of Birth 1st Century AD
Place of Birth Roman Empire
Profession Centurion
Place of Work Caesarea, Palestine
Date of Death 1st Century AD
Place of Death Caesarea, Palestine
Feast Day October 20, September 13, and February 2
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

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