Saint Fanchea of Rossory – Feast Day – January 1

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saint Fanchea of Rossory was also known as Faenche, Fainche, Faine, Garbh or Garbhp. She was born in Rathmore, near Clogher, Ireland, and died of natural causes in 585 AD in Killane, Ireland. Her feast day is celebrated on January 1 every year.

Saint Fanchea of Rossory Biography
St Fanchea's Church, Rossorry Parish
St Fanchea’s Church, Rossorry Parish
Place of Birth Rathmore, near Clogher, Ireland in Europe
Profession Nun
Place of Work Ireland
Date of Death 585 A.D
Place of Death Killane, Ireland
Feast Day January 1
Canonization Pre congregation

Saint Fanchea of Rossory Life History

St Fanchea of Rossory was the daughter of Conall Derg of Oriel and his wife Briga. Her three other sisters were St Lochinia, St Carecha, and Darenia.

There was a man named Óengus mac Nad Froích who wished to marry her, but she had already resolved to become a nun. She was helped to built a monastery on the banks of Lough Erne by her sister Darenia.

Fanchea had a brother named Enda. Enda was a warrior prince of Oriel. He had made a pact with Fanchea that he will stop being a war-monger when she gives him one young woman from the monastery for a wife.

It happened that Enda’s chosen bride died and Fanchea brought Enda to see the body. Enda was so shaken and with Fanchea’s reminder of death and judgement, he changed his ways.

It is said that the warrior band that Enda belonged wanted to take him back but Fanchea made the sign of the cross and their feet were stuck to the ground until they promised to do penance.

Another miraculous incident happened when Enda saw a nearby fight between the men of Oriel and a hostile clan and was tempted to join. His sister Fanchea instructed him to touch his head. He felt his tonsure and remembered where his loyalty lay and that he had given up his former way of life. Enda later became a monk.

Saint Fanchea of Rossory Date of birth

She was born in Rathmore, near Clogher Ireland, Europe.

Saint Fanchea of Rossory Date of Death

St. Fanchea of Rossory died around 585 AD of natural causes in Killane, Ireland

Feast Day

St Fanchea of Rossory feast day is celebrated on January 1 every year.


Saint Fanchea of Rossory is venerated in the Orthodox Church, the Church in Wales, and the Roman Catholic Church.

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