Saint Joseph Mary Tomasi – Feast Day – January 1

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saint Joseph Mary Tomasi was born on September 12 1649 as Giuseppe Maria Tomasi di Lampedusa in Licata, Sicily Kingdom, Italy. He lived as a Theatine priest and a Scholar and died on January 1 1713 AD in Rome, Lazio, Papal States. He was beatified on June 5 1803 by Pope Pius VII and canonized on October 12 1986 by Pope John Paul II and his feast day is celebrated on January 1 of every year.

Saint Joseph Mary Tomasi Biography
Date of Birth September 12 1649
Place of Birth Licata, Sicily Kingdom, Italy
Profession Scholar
Place of Work  Rome
Date of Death January 1 1713
Place of Death Rome, Lazio, Papal States
Feast Day January 1
Beatification On June 5 1803 by Pope Pius VII
Canonization On October 12 1986 by Pope John Paul II
Patron Saint of Catholic liturgy

Saint Joseph Mary Tomasi Life History

Joseph Mary Tomasi was born the son of the first Prince of Lampedusa, Giulio Tomasi and his wife Rosalia Traina as Giuseppe Maria Tomasi di Lampedusa in Licata, Kingdom of Sicily on September 12 1649 AD. He was raised in God-oriented family and also never lacking in riches and moral training. He was instructed in classical and modern languages, particularly spanish as he was being groomed to inherit for his father the title of his nobility as Grandee of Spain.

He had a desire for a religious life, to serve the the true King, God the Father and not the Kings of the earth and due to this, he renounced his principality after seeking consent from his father, which belonged to him by birth by means of a notarized document. He then sought admission to the Theatines, a religious order founded by Saint Cajetan of Tiene in 1524 AD. He was admitted to the Theatine order on March 24 1665 AD.

Joseph Mary Tomasi studied Philosophu at Messina and due to his health difficulties, at Ferrara and Modena. He also partook in
Theology, which he studied in Rome and Palermo after which he was ordained as a priest on December 23 1673 AD.

Well known for his intellect, he was said to have combined the study of Ethiopic, Arabic, Syrine, Aramaic and Hebrew as a result of his vast knowledge in Greek in the conversion of a Jewish Rabai to Christianity. This knowledge, combined with his love for ancient documents and his admiration towards ecclesiastical traditions, he was able to bring to light information in documents hidden in libraries through his rare liturgical publications such as;

  • Speculum(1679)
  • Fermentum(1688)
  • Plasterium cum canticis(1697)
  • Codices Sacramentorunz Nongentis Annis Vetusitores(1680)
  • Missale Githocum
  • Missale Francorum; Responsalia eta ntiphonaria Ronzanae Ecclesiae a Sancto Gregorio Magno Desposita(1686)
  • Antiqua Libri Missaruni Romanae Ecclesiae(1691)

Joseph Mary Tomasi served as the confessor of Pope Clement XI who bestowed on him the position of consultor of the Theatine otder, Offices of the Holy See and Qualificator of the Holy Office. He was later forced by the same Pope to accept appointment as Cardinal Priest with the title of Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti. He was widely known for his piety as he saw to it that the children of the poor were taught catechism.

Giuseppe passed away at the age of 63, on January 1 1713 and laid to rest in his titular church.

St Joseph Mary Tomasi Birth

He was born son of the 1st Prince of Lampedusa, on September 12 1649 AD at Licata, Sicily Kingdom, Italy.

St Joseph Mary Tomasi Death

Giuseppe passed away at the age of 63 on January 1 1713 AD and was laid to rest in his titular church.

Family Background

He was raised in a God-oriented royal family as his father was the then 1st Prince of Lampedusa, Guilio Tomasi and his mother Rosalia Traina.


Giuseppe received moral training and was also instructed in classical and modern languages. He was fluent in Spanish and had a wide knowledge of the Greek language. All these was due to the fact that he was to inherit his father’s title of nobility as Grandee.


He was Italian in nationality.


Joseph Mary Tomasi was beatified on December 29 1803, by Pope Pius VII.


He was canonized on October 12 1986, by Pope John Paul II.

Venerated in

Saint Joseph Mary Tomasi is venerated in all Roman Catholic Churches.

Joseph Mary Tomasi Feast day

His feast day is celebrated on January 1 by the Roman Catholic Church.


St. Joseph Mary Tomasi is attributed by the cardinal’s attire.

St Joseph Mary Tomasi is the Patron Saint of

He is the patron saint of Catholic Liturgy.


His relics were transfered from the Basilica of his titular church, Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti, to the Basilica of San Andrea della Valle if the Theatine Fathers in Rome where till to date are being exposed for the veneration of the faithful.

Major Shrines

His major shrine is the Basilica of San Andrea della Valle in Rome, Italy.


One of his famous quotes are;

“The truth is that he wanted to draw a little comfort from gazing at the stars. There were still one or two up there, at the zenith. As always, seeing them revived him; they were distant, they were omnipotent and at the same time they were docile to his calculations; just the contrary to humans, always too near, so weak and yet so quarrelsome.”

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