St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows – February 27 – Saint of the Day

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Today is Saturday, June 8, 2024

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Biography

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows also known as Francesco Possenti, was born on March 1, 1838, in Assisi, Italy. He was the eleventh of thirteen children born to his mother, Agnes, and his father, Sante.

Possenti was baptized on the day of his birth in the same font in which St Francis of Assisi had been baptized.
Shortly after St Francis’ birth, Sante Possenti was transferred to a post at Montalta and thereafter to Spoleto where he was appointed legal assessor in 1841.

While in Spoleto, the family was struck with quite a number of bereavements. Firstly, came the death of a baby girl called Rosa In December 1841. Another named Adele only Seven years of age died in January 1842 and lastl followed Francis’ mother, Agnes, who died in 1842.

The Memorial of St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

St Gabriel is the Patron Saint of:

• Catholic Action
• clerics
• students
• young people in general
• Abruzzi, Italy (proclaimed on 1 June 1964 by Pope Paul VI)

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Feast Day, Beatification Date, Canonization DateMatrimony/Holy OrdersMonks who became Saints

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows brief life History

Date of Birth March 1, 1838
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Profession Confessor
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death February 27, 1862 (aged 23)
Place of Death Isola del Gran Sasso, Kingdom of Italy
Feast Day 27 February
Beatification By Pope Pius X on May 31, 1908, in Rome, Italy
Canonization By Pope Benedict XV on May 13, 1920, in Rome, Italy
Patron Saint of • Catholic Action
• clerics
• students
• young people in general
• Abruzzi, Italy (proclaimed on 1 June 1964 by Pope Paul VI)

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Short life History

St Gabriel was also known as:
• Francesco Possenti
• Francis Possenti
• Gabriel of the Blessed Virgin
• Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother
• Gabriel Possenti
• Gabriel Marie Possenti
• Gabriele dell’Addolorata

St Gabriel being a youth devoted to the world and society, attending the theatre, chasing women and the hunt. He was directed to the Passionist Order by Our Lady. Hence making his profession on 22 September 1857.

St Gabriel’s life was not marked by great events or controversy but rather given to prayer, sacrifice, and a devotion to Our Lady. The contemplation of her sorrows over the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Many miracles are then accredited to him later after his death. Cured Saint Gemma Galgani after he prayed for his intervention. Pope Benedict XV gave him a design for young people


Today’s Catholic Quote:

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was Born on 1 March 1838 at Assisi, Italy and Died on 27 February 1862 at Abruzzi, Italy of tuberculosis.

Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

While still a child and a young man, Francis Possenti not only did his peers like him but also had a great reputation for charity and piety.

Francis was intensely involved with the social scene of Spoleto and soon earned himself the nickname of “The dancer”. In 1851, Francis unfortunately became desperately ill and promised to enter religious life if he recovered.

In 1853, Francis once again fell ill. But this time afflicted with a throat abscess. Suddenly, tragedy struck again when his sister who goes by the name Mary Louisa, who had cared for Francis after their mother’s death, died of cholera.

St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Readings

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