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St Martina of Rome Biography – Saint of the Day

St Martina Biography

St Martina was a Roman Martyr under Emperor Alexander Severus. A patron saint of Rome, martyred in 226, according to some authorities, perhaps in 228, under the pontificate of Pope Urban I, according to others. Her feast day is January 30.

Saint Martina of Rome was a wealthy daughter of a Christian Roman consul. On her parent’s death, she gave away her riches to the poor and devoted herself to prayer.

Tortured and martyred in the persecutions of Alexander Severus for refusing to sacrifice to pagan gods. A basilica is a dedication to her at the Roman forum.

St Martina’s veneration took place at Rome. She was to face torture and beheaded under Emperor Severus.

Though many extravagant miracles attributed to her, scholars doubt about their existence and also believing that she may have been confused with the legends of St Tatiana.

Saint Martina, Madonna And Child With Saint Agnes

The Memorial of St Martina of Rome

St Martina of Rome is the Patron Saint of

  1. Rome;
  2. Nursing Mothers

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Saint Martina of Rome brief life History

Date of Birth Early 3rd Century
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Profession Early Christian Martyr
Place of Work Rome, Italy
Date of Death 228 AD
Place of Death Rome, Roman Empire
Feast Day January 30
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Rome;
Nursing Mothers

St Martina of Rome Short life History

St Martina so openly testified to her Christian faith that she could not escape the persecutions under Alexander Severus. Arrested and commanded to return to idolatry, she refused, whereupon she was subjected to various tortures.

These tortures according to her vita include being scourged and scaled, she was condemned to be devoured by wild beasts in the amphitheater but was miraculously untouched by them. She was then thrown onto a burning fire, from which she also escaped unhurt, and was finally beheaded.

In the time after her death, there were a series of biographies and descriptions of her martyrdom written, each more extravagant than the last, and none with historical value.

Her hagiography asserts that some of her executioners also converted to Christianity and were themselves beheaded.

Assorted miracles were ascribed to her, and her story was blended with those of other early martyrs, especially Saint Prisca and Saint Tatiana of Rome. One of the writers claimed that when she was beheaded, her body bled milk, a tale that led to her patronage of nursing mothers.

Today’s St Martina of Rome Feast Day Quote:

She was martyred in 228.

St Martina of Rome Feast Day
St Martina of Rome Feast Day

St Martina’s Relics

The relics of St Martina were discovered on October 25, 1634 by a painter known as Pietro da Cortona, in a tomb of Santi Luca e Martina, situated near the Mamertine Prison and dedicated to the saint. 

Pope Urban VIII, who occupied the Holy See at that time, obligated the church repaired and, it would appear composed the hymns which are sung at her office.

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