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Saint of the Day – June 22 – Saint Paulinus of Nola, Life History, Quote, Poems

The Memorial of Saint Paulinus of Nola

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Saint Paulinus of Nola brief life History

Date of Birth 354 AD
Country of Birth France in Europe
Profession Bishop of Nola in Campania
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death 22 June 43
Place of Death Nola in Campania, the Praetorian prefecture of Italy, Western Roman Empire
Feast Day June 22
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

Saint Paulinus of Nola Short life History

Saint Paulinus of Nola is also known as Meropius Pontius Anicius Paulinus

• He was a friend of Saint Augustine of Hippo and Saint Nicetas of Remesiana and mentioned for his holiness by at least six of his contemporary saints.

• He was a distinguished lawyer.
• He held several public offices in the Empire, then retired from public ministry with his wife, Therasia, first to Bordeaux, France where they were baptized, and then to Therasia’s estate in Spain.
• After the death of their only son at the age of only a few weeks, the couple decided to spend the rest of their lives devoted to God. They gave away most of their estates and dedicated themselves to increasing their holiness.

• Paulinus was ordained, then he and Therasia moved to Nola, Italy, gave away the rest of their property, and dedicated themselves to helping the poor.
• Paulinus was chosen the bishop of Nola by popular demand, and he governed the diocese for more than 21 years while living in his own home as a monk and continuing to aid the poor.
• His writings contain one of the earliest examples of a Christian wedding song.

Today’s Catholic Quote:

Saint Paulinus of Nola, may your humility, education, and serenity be an example to all who are searching for God. May they imitate you in finding Him, loving Him, and in dedicating your life to Him amidst a large circle of like-minded friends.

Saint Paulinus of Nola
Saint Paulinus of Nola

Saint Paulinus of Nola Poems

Bishop of Nola and author, Pontius Meropius Anicius Paulinus was born to a rich Roman family at Bordeaux, in Gaul. His father was the praetorian executive of Gaul World Health Organizationcreatedsure that his son received a sound education. Paulinus studied rhetoric and writers and learned from the famous poet Ausonius. He consequently became a well-known lawyer. He became the monitor of Rome, married a Spanish decent lady, Therasia, and led a luxurious life. Following the death of his son every week once his birth in 390, Paulinus retreated from the world and came to be baptized a Christian by St.Delphinus in Aquitaine. With Therasia, he gave away their possessions and massive wealth to the poor and to the Church, then they pursued a life of deep austerity and indignities. About 393, he was forcibly ordained a priest by the bishop of the port. Soon after, he affected to an estate close to the place of St.Nola near Naples, Italy There, he and his wife practiced laborious austerity and helped to establish a community of monks. To the dismay of his different relatives, he sold all of their estates in Gaul and gave the money to the poor. He also helped to build a church at Fondy, a basilica near the tomb of St. Felix, a hospital for travelers, and an aqueduct. Many of the poor and sick he brought into his own house, and he lived as a solitary with several of his friends. In 409, he was electoral bishop of Nola, serving in this office with great distinction until his death. He was an admirer and correspondent of just about all of the leading figures of his era, including Sts. Augustine, Jerome, Ambrose, Martin of Tours, and Pope Anastasius I.Paulinus was also a gifted poet, earning the peculiarity of being one of the foremost Christian Latin poets of the Patristic period, an honor he shares with Prudentius. Paulinus maintainedabundant of the fashion of the previous classical poets and composed most of the poems in honor of the feast of St. Felix. He is the author of a body of living works as well asli letters, xxxii poems, and a number of other prose items.

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On June 22, the Catholic Church remembers Saint Paulinus of Nola, who gave up his life in politics to become a monk, a bishop, and a revered Christian poet of the 5th century.

In a December 2007 general audience on St. Paulinus, Pope Benedict XVI remarked on the saint’s artistic gifts, which inspired “songs of faith and love in which the daily history of small and great events is seen as a history of salvation, a history of God with us.”

The poet-bishop’s ministry, Pope Benedict said, was also “distinguished by special attention to the poor” – confirming his legacy as “a bishop with a great heart who knew how to make himself close to his people in the sorrowful trials of the barbarian invasions” during the 5th century.

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