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St Parthenius of Rome – Feast Day – May 19

St Parthenius of Rome, also called Partenio was a Christian, born in the 3rd century AD and died as a martyr in 250 AD in Rome during the Christian persecutions under Emperor Decius. We celebrate his feast day on May 19 every year in the Catholic Church.

The Memorial of St. Parthenius of Rome – Feast Day

St Parthenius of Rome Biography

Date of Birth 3rd century AD
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death 250 AD
Place of Death Rome, Italy
Feast Day May 19
Canonization Pre-Congregation

Saint’s Biography

Saint Parthenius of Rome was the brother of St. Calocerus. He was a eunuch in the palace of Tryphonia, responsible for Anatolia, daughter of the Roman consul Aemilian.

He was accused by Decius of embezzling the money of Anatolia and committing the capital crime of Christianity. Parthenius defended Christians, and the court took his defense as a confession of his Christianity and condemned him to death.

He was thrown into a bonfire; he was not harmed, and the guards beat him with flaming brands from the fire and he died as a martyr. The body of Parthenius was buried in the catacombs of St. Callixtus.

Saint Parthenius of Rome
St. Parthenius of Rome

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