St Serapion of Algiers – Feast Day – November 14 2023

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Today is Friday, April 5, 2024

St Serapion of Algiers was also known as Serapio of England.

He was a Catholic Mercedarian priest. He was born in 1179 in London, England.

He was crucified, stabbed, and dismembered alive and died as a martyr in 1240 in Algeria.

We celebrate his feast day on November 14 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Serapion of Algiers Biography
Date of Birth 1179 AD
Place of Birth London, England
Profession Catholic Mercedarian priest
Date of Death 1240
Place of Death Algeria
Feast Day November 14
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Against arthritis
  • Diocese of Azul, Argentina

St Serapion of Algiers Life History

St. Serapion of Algiers, born around 1179 in London, England, had a remarkable life. As a young boy, he accompanied his father during the Third Crusade and participated in the battle of Acre in 1191.

He became a member of the Order of Our Lady of Ransom, receiving this honor from Saint Peter Nolasco in Barcelona, Spain, in 1222.

In 1229, he collaborated with Saint Raymond Nonnatus to liberate 150 Christian slaves.

Later, he was assigned to recruit for the Order in England, but his ship was seized by pirates, leaving him for dead.

Remarkably, he survived and roamed London, England, where he preached against the theft and abuse of Church property.

Authorities eventually ordered him to leave London, and he became a wandering evangelist in the British Isles.

In 1240, he undertook a mission to ransom 87 Christians held captive in Algiers by Muslims. When the captors demanded more money, Serapion volunteered to remain as a hostage until the additional funds were collected.

During this time, he worked as a missionary, converting many to Christianity. Unfortunately, the authorities subjected him to torture, scourging, abuse, and eventual execution.

He was crucified, stabbed, and dismembered while still alive in Algeria in 1240, dying as a martyr.

St. Serapion was canonized on April 14, 1728, by Pope Benedict XIII. He is the patron saint against arthritis and the diocese of Azul, Argentina. He is often represented as a young Mercedarian tied to a cross.

St. Serapion of Algiers
St. Serapion of Algiers

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