St Winnoc of Wormhoult – Feast Day – November 6 2023

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Today is Saturday, April 6, 2024

St Winnoc of Wormhoult was an abbot of Wormhout Abbey.

He was born in 640 AD in Wales.

He died in 717 AD.

We celebrate his feast day on November 6 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Winnoc of Wormhoult Biography
Date of Birth 640 AD
Country of Birth Wales
Place of Work England
Date of Death 717 AD
Place of Death Wormhoult, France
Feast Day November 6
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Against fever
  • Against whooping cough
  • Millers

St Winnoc of Wormhoult Biography

Saint Winnoc of Wormhoult was also known as Winnoc of Flanders. He was born to nobility and possibly a prince.

Some sources say his father was Saint Judicael. He was raised and educated in Brittany where his family had fled to escape the Saxons.

He became a Monk and founded Saint Winnow’s church in Cornwall, England. Winnoc transferred to become a monk at Sithiu under abbot Saint Bertin.

Founded the monastery, church, and hospital of Wormhoult, Belgium where he served as abbot and used it as a base to evangelize the area.

Winnoc engaged himself into the manual labour of the monasteries doing as much of the tough and disagreeable as any monk in the house.

When he was defeated by old age, Winnoc prayed for help to continue his work and received divine help to work at a hand corn mill making flour for his brothers and the poor.

Another monk, out of curiosity, peeped through a crack in the mill-house door to see how the old man did so much work; he was struck blind for his manners but was healed by Winnoc’s intercession.

St. Winnoc of Wormhoult
St. Winnoc of Wormhoult

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