Saint Zedislava Berka – Feast Day – January 1

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Today is Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saint Zedislava Berka was born in 1220 AD in Křižanov, Moravia. She died in 1252 AD in Lembeck Castle, Bohemia. She was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 21 1995 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Feast Day is celebrated on January 1. She is the Patron Saint of Bohemia, people ridiculed for their piety and difficult marriages.

Saint Zedislava Berka Biography
Date of Birth 1220, Křižanov, Moravia
Country of Birth Křižanov, Moravia
Profession Czech saint of the Roman Catholic Church
Place of Work Czech Republic 
Date of Death 1252
Place of Death Lembeck Castle, Bohemia
Feast Day January 1
Beatification 28 August 1907 by Pope Pius X
Canonization 21 May 1995, Olomouc, Czech Republic by Pope John Paul II
Patron Saint of
  • Bohemia,
  • Difficult marriages
  • People ridiculed for their piety

Saint Zedislava Berka Life History

St Zedislava Berka is a Roman Catholic Church from the Czech Republic. She was one of the earliest lay Dominicans, a mother, and wife of Havel of Markvartice, the Duke of Lemberk.

She was born in 1220 in Křižanov, Moravia to a Bohemian noble family. She was also known as Zdislava Berka, Zedislava Berkiana or Zdislava of Lemberk.

At a young age, Zdislava accompanied her mother to visit Queen Kunigunde. This might have been the first time she met with the Dominicans like Ceslaus and Hyacinth of Poland.

At seven years old she decided to become a hermitess and ran away from home to the forest to have a solitary life, full of prayers and penance. However, her family caught up with her, returned her home, and at age 15 years forcefully married her to a wealthy nobleman called Havel of Markvartice, who owned Lembeck Castle. They were blessed with 4 children.

Her husband, Havel, was a violent man and used to maltreat her. But because of her patience and piety, she persevered. She was also very generous with the poor, needy, refugees, and hunger-stricken. She donated to hospitals and built churches with her own hands.

Saint Zedislava Berka Date of birth

St Zdislava Berka was born in 1220 AD

Place of Birth

St Zedislava Berka was born in Křižanov, Moravia, Czech Republic.

Family Background

St Zedislava Berka was born to a Bohemian noble family and her mother was born in Sicily but as “a member of the retinue” of Queen Kunigunde went to Bohemia.

Saint Zdislava Berka Date of Death

St Zdislava Berka died on January 1 1252

Saint Zdislava Berka Place of Death

St Zedislava Berka died in the Lembeck Castle in Bohemia and, at her request, was buried at St. Laurence.

Saint Zdislava Berka Feast Day

St Zedislava Berka is among the saints whose feast Day is celebrated and remembered on January 1.


St Zdislava Berka was beatified through cultus confirmation by Pope Pius X on 28 August 1907


St Zdislava Berka was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 21 1995 in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Saint’s Legacy

St Zdislava Berka built churches with her own hands and donated to hospitals. She also;

  • Built St. Lawrence Priory which was a Dominican convent for women
  • Donated money to a convent for men in Gabel

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