St Cedd – Feast Day – October 26 2023

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Today is Wednesday, May 8, 2024

St Cedd was an Anglo-Saxon monk and bishop from the Kingdom of Northumbria.

He was the brother of St Chad of Mercia, Cynibil, and Cælin, all of whom became monks.

He was born in 620 AD in Northumbria, England, and died on October 26 664 AD in Lastingham, England.

We celebrate his feast day on October 26 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Cedd Biography
St Cedd - Feast Day - October 26
St Cedd – Feast Day – October 26 2023
Date of Birth 620 AD
Place of Birth Northumbria, England
Profession Monk and bishop
Place of Work Northumbria, England
Date of Death October 26 664 AD
Place of Death Lastingham, England
Feast Day October 26
Canonization Precongregation
Patron Saint of
  • Essex
  • Lastingham
  • Interpreters

St Cedd Life History

St Cedd’s early life is not known that much. A little history about him is given by St Bede the Venerable. St Bede says that Cedd was born in Northumbria and raised in Lindisfarne, England.

His three brothers were Chad, Cynibil, and Cælin who all became monks and priests. He and Chad also became bishops. They were brought up and educated by Aidan of the Irish Church.

Around 653 AD, St Cedd, with three other priests, was sent by King Oswiu of Northumberland to evangelize to the Middle Angles in Mercia.

Together with Peada, the sub-king of the Middle Angles, Saint Cedd managed to convert many people to Christianity in that area.

Later on, King Oswiu sent St Cedd to the East Saxon kingdom after Sigeberht II the Good, King of the East Saxons requested for some priests to evangelize to his people.

St Cedd did a good job in evangelizing to the people of East Saxon and as a recognition, Bishop Finan of Lindisfarne appointed him as bishop of the East Saxons.

St Cedd was very strict on enforcing personal commitment to piety and was not afraid to confront those in power.

A case in point was when he excommunicated a thane (thegn) who was in an unlawful marriage and forbade Christians, and even King Sigeberht, from accepting favours from that man.

Saint Cedd managed to maintain Christianity in East Anglia despite attempts to revive paganism in the area. He founded many churches and several monasteries. He became the abbot of the monastery of Lastingham while still remaining as a bishop.

He attended the Synod of Whitby where he acted as a trusted interpreter among the Old Irish, Old English, Frankish, and Old Welsh, as well as Latin.

St Cedd died of plague on October 26 664 AD at the monastery in Lastingham. His body was interred in a shrine inside the church of the monastery.

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